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Special Dispatch _ Palestinian Authority/Jihad and Terrorism Studies, 4/17/02 , No. 370
April 30, 2002

What happened to the PNA dedication to a "two state" solution? This was on PNA television. on the 12 of April. I suppose it will be said that these are mere rhetorical flourishes, or at worst reflections of an anguished soul.

News Interview - Fox News and Patrick Lang
May 24, 2002

In this interview, Brit Hume dicusses with Patrick Lang the documents captured by Israel in various facilities of the Palestine National Authority.

Withdrawal Won't Work
June 02, 2002

Many people do not credit Daniel Pipes overly because his perceived and obvious partiality to Israel. Nevertheless, his exposition of that side of the Middle Eastern argument and the clarity of his writing make him a worthwhile commentator whose works will be posted on this site as they merit attention.