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May 2003



Information alone is meaningless… Information plus the wisdom and the capability to wield it is invaluable.







Global Resources Group gives our clients not only access to information, but also expert assessment of that information, insight into the motivations and aims of key decision-makers and the capability to use that information. We offer our clients the competitive edge.


GLOBAL RESOURCES GROUP, INC. is a private international security and political risk consultancy offering specialized international intelligence and security services to the business and financial community, and governments, worldwide. Global Resources understands what clients need to increase their success as well as to reduce their vulnerabilities in doing business and conducting operations. In providing its services, Global Resources operates in five specialist areas for the private sector:


•  Political and Security Risk Assessments

•  Security Operations and Services

•  Business Intelligence and Development

•  Confidential Investigations

•  Electronic Security And Cyber-Investigations


Global Resources also operates in eight specialist areas for the public sector:


•  Intelligence Planning, Operations and Training

•  Homeland Security and Counterterrorism

•  Counterintelligence and Security

•  Research and Analysis

•  Military Planning, Operations and Training

•  Peace Support Operations, Democratization and Transitional Country Assistance

•  Exercise Development, Implementation and Support

•  Public Information and Media Outreach

Global Resources was founded in 1997 and incorporated under the laws of the State of Delaware. Global Resources is a closely held corporation with its corporate headquarters located in northern Virginia. Created for the sole purpose of enhancing our clients’ ability to make and implement effective, informed decisions in the twenty-first century, Global Resources is committed to becoming the measure of consulting excellence. We help an international client base to assess and manage risks around the world, particularly in difficult and complex environments.


Global Resources' range of activities means that we are uniquely positioned to assist our clients in understanding and dealing with political, security, operational and reputational risks. These risks range from natural disasters, government stability and the threat of terrorist attack, to the influence of rival interests on local decision-makers, organized crime, corruption and the challenges posed by pressure groups. We forecast whether the risks will change and explain why, and examine the impact on our clients’ operations. We then outline practical strategies to manage and reduce those risks.


Global Resources operates to the highest ethical standards and maintains strict confidentiality. Our approach is multi-disciplinary and our staff use their skills in a fully integrated approach to enable clients to succeed in complex or hostile environments. Our team of staff and consultants comes from a wide variety of backgrounds and includes professionals from government, defense, and intelligence agencies worldwide, business, law, accountancy, the diplomatic service, law enforcement, media, and academia. Global Resources operates throughout the world, to include the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, Africa and Asia with complete discretion and confidentiality.


Whether assessing the Middle East’s energy sector, reporting a government’s impact on a client’s venture, or creating a country team to develop and protect company assets, we are there to provide competitively priced packages tailored to meet our clients’ needs ­­– on time and on target.




When information is not enough, we provide the SOLUTIONS.







W. Patrick Lang             President and CEO


Pat Lang is an expert in the Middle East, South Asia, terrorism/counterterrorism, Islam, and military operations, with special qualifications in Special Forces operations. He is an expert trainer of US and other personnel in requirements for operations in Muslim countries and is a strategic military and political intelligence analyst. Pat provides expert advice to industrial, news, security and international business brokerage firms in threat analysis, risk assessment, strategic planning and negotiations with government and non-government entities in Muslim countries. Since 1994, Pat also served as the President of Future Management Services, Inc. and the Future Millennium Foundation; organizations dedicated to a variety of international business, political and philanthropic activities. Prior to entering the private sector, Pat had a distinguished career as a US Army Officer and member of the Senior Executive Service. Pat served as the Director and founder of the US Defense Human Intelligence Service from 1992 to 1994 where he integrated all Department of Defense human intelligence resources into a single organization and developed and implemented career development and training programs for the members of the newly created service. As the Defense Intelligence Officer for the Middle East, South Asia and Terrorism from 1985 to 1992 – a period spanning the Iran-Iraq War, the USS Stark incident, conflict with Iran and Libya, and the Gulf War – Pat was the principal advisor to the Secretary of Defense, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and senior Executive Branch decision makers on Middle East security issues. Prior to his work in Washington, DC, Pat served in several US Defense Attaché assignments abroad and in several tours as a Special Forces officer in Latin America and Vietnam. While in Vietnam, Pat served with the Military Assistance Command Vietnam, Studies and Observations Group (MACV/SOG), which conducted the largest US covert operation during the Cold War. Pat speaks fluent Arabic and French and is conversant in a number of other languages. He is a graduate of the US Army War College, the US Army Command and General Staff College, and the Joint Services Staff College. Pat holds an MA in Middle Eastern Studies and Anthropology from the University of Utah and a BA in English from the Virginia Military Institute at Lexington, VA.



William C. Wagner, Jr.         Vice-President for

International Operations


Bill Wagner is an career civilian intelligence case officer and international security specialist. He is an expert in counternarcotics and counterterrorist operations and a specialist in Latin American affairs. Since 1995, Bill has served as a senior international security consultant with special emphasis in planning and implementing executive protection and security operations overseas. Prior to entering the private sector, Bill had a distinguished career as a field operations officer with the Central Intelligence Agency’s Clandestine Service and a member of the US Senior Intelligence Service. Throughout his career, Bill led important foreign commands conducting a wide range of diverse field operations. He planned, developed and directed operations and programs that produced significant results in direct support of US foreign policy objectives. Bill’s accomplishments included countering international narcotics trafficking operations resulting in the arrest of major drug kingpins, directing successful counterterrorist operations against terrorist units, and establishing and maintaining contact with foreign leaders and organizations in order to facilitate exchange of information and coordination of field operations. Bill also served as Associate Deputy Director for Attaches and Operations of the Defense Intelligence Agency from 1993 to 1995 where he acted as special advisor for clandestine operations to the Director of the US National Military Intelligence Collection Center. From 1991 to 1993, Bill served as the Chief of Station for a key Latin American country where he directed all US intelligence activities and programs in country, dealing with the country’s most senior political, military and police officials. Bill served as the Chief of Operations of a geographic area division within the Directorate of Operations from 1989 to 1991 where he directed all of the CIA’s foreign espionage and counterintelligence activities for the region. From 1967 to 1989, Bill served in a wide range of assignments, to include Chief of Station and Clandestine Operations Officer for a number of Latin American and Caribbean countries and Chief of the CIA’s Counternarcotics Operations Unit. Prior to his career as an intelligence officer, Bill served as a US Naval Officer from 1962 to 1965. Bill is fluent in the Spanish language and has completed a wide range of specialized training. He holds a BA from St. Joseph’s College in Philadelphia, PA.



Lin Todd               Vice President and COO


Lin Todd is an experienced intelligence officer, expert military planner, and seasoned specialist in peace support and democratization operations around the world. He also has considerable experience developing and implementing exercise and training programs for governments and international organizations and is a recognized specialist on Middle East issues. Prior to founding Global Resources, Lin was seconded by the US State Department to serve as Deputy Head of Mission with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe’s (OSCE) Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) responsible for all media-related development, monitoring, enforcement, and democratization programs. From 1996 to 1997, Lin served as the Deputy Director of the Ministry of Defense and Joint Military Command Office, and as Chief of Security of the State Department-sponsored Military Stabilization Program in BiH. While with the Military Stabilization Program, he was responsible for the development of strategic plans, policies, and structures related to operations, intelligence, and security as well as for the overall security of the program throughout the region. Lin had a distinguished Army career, serving last as the Chief of Intelligence Planning for the US Army 1 st Armored Division in Germany and as an intelligence advisor to the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and General Schwarzkopf’s command during the Gulf War. In addition to experience on the US Army Staff, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and with the Defense Intelligence Agency in Washington, DC, he served as a military observer with the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization in Damascus, Syria and as the Assistant Defense Intelligence Officer for the Middle East, South Asia and Terrorism. Lin also served as a combat arms officer and helicopter pilot in the Pacific region with the US Army 25 th Light Infantry Division and the British Army Gurkha Field Force. Lin speaks Arabic and French. He has completed graduate studies at the US Naval War College and is a graduate of the US Army Command and General Staff College. Lin holds an MA in Military Arts and Sciences from the US Army’s elite School of Advanced Military Studies, an MS from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, and a BS from the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY.








Proper appreciation of political and security risks will influence how ­­– and where ­­– a company does business. Failure to take account of these risks in business planning can lead to unnecessary costs and disruption and can endanger a client’s staff. Global Resources helps with this critical aspect of due diligence by providing analysis of the political and security issues which could affect a company’s ability to conduct operations and by forecasting developments. We can provide daily analysis of worldwide events for both corporate management and the individual business traveler.


Global Resources provides clients with current country, company and sector intelligence estimates of political, military, economic, and social determinants of stability. Issues covered include threat and competitive environment, company and product potential, impact of government actions on the business environment, and investment climate. For longer-term assessments and detailed forecasts, we produce reports on a country, region or topic tailored to our clients’ specific needs. Our in-house team of analysts is supported by a worldwide network of expert consultants to get our clients the information they need, when they need it, at a cost they can afford.


Services offered include:


•  World-Wide Security Evaluation

•  Political Risk Assessment

•  Travel Advice

•  Pre-entry Studies

•  Country Analysis

•  Issue and Industry Analysis


Example Projects


Confidential Client – Major International Oil Company

Country Specific Industry Analysis


GRG professionals were contracted by a major international oil company to perform research and analysis on their entry into the oil exploration, refining and distribution industry in an oil-rich country in the Middle East. GRG staff conducted thorough research on the issue and identified the key requirements for entry into the particular country, legal and joint venture requirements, offset program requirements, and the key personnel in the country with influence on contracts in the target industry. As a result, GRG was able to provide the client with a complete and accurate assessment of why they had failed to penetrate the particular market in the past and recommendations for successful market penetration in the future.




Pinkerton Global Intelligence Service (GIS)

Daily Warning and Analytic Products


GRG personnel performed the daily research and analysis for the Pinkerton Global Intelligence Service Daily Report on significant develops around the world. The GIS Daily Report is distributed to hundreds of Pinkerton clients worldwide. GRG was contracted to provide daily warning and analytic products for the GIS Daily Report on the countries of the Middle East and South Asia, and on terrorism and counterterrorism issues. GRG also provided in depth analytic products on issues of interest on an as needed basis.






The globalization of business broadens the world of dangers for a company’s business, people and profits ­­– it brings many challenges, but also brings new possibilities for success. In an economic environment offering more opportunities ­­– and fraught with more challenges ­­– than ever before, Global Resources can help today's most complex organizations gain control, and stay there.


Protecting and building the value of organizations in today's environment requires a different kind of advisor: An authority that can look at a company's controls, evaluate its people and relationships, and analyze its strategies to see where it is vulnerable. A professional who can help clients sidestep avoidable problems in order to protect assets ­­– as well as take advantage of dramatic opportunities to build their businesses. Whether protecting employees and assets at home and abroad or ensuring the integrity of sensitive information, Global Resources professionals have the resources and know-how to help mitigate the risks of doing business anywhere in the world.


Sometimes our work involves a security assessment or vulnerability review to anticipate problems before they occur. Other times we are called in to an unforeseen security breach occasionally involving a worst-case scenario. Whatever the concern, Global Resources knows what our clients are going through. We've seen what can happen when: Information technology isn't quite secure enough... Expatriate employees and their families find themselves in surprisingly unstable living environments... New overseas facilities have inadequate controls to protect corporate information and intellectual capital... New employees and licensees, suppliers and vendors, aren't screened and tested well enough... And the list goes on.


Whatever it takes, Global Resources will help it clients defend their people and their organization. This might involve developing solutions to prevent the possibility of product contamination, property damage, workplace violence, computer sabotage ­­– or the reality of attacks on intellectual, physical, financial and human assets.


Whatever the issue ­­– whether involving individuals, companies, or sovereign governments ­­– our solutions are comprehensive. Clients call upon Global Resources' multi-disciplinary professionals from a wide range of fields and specialist areas important to our clients' businesses. Among the problems we help clients to solve are those relating to:


•  Crisis Planning, Management, and Response

•  Security System Analysis, Design, and Engineering

•  Security Organizational Analysis and Outsourcing Services

•  Executive Protection

•  Focused Public Relations Initiatives

•  Government Liaison

•  Electronic Countermeasures


Example Projects


Confidential Middle East Client

Executive Protection


GRG professionals provided executive protection for a prominent Middle East businessman and political leader in Lebanon. In implementing the project, GRG staff performed a detailed security survey and assessment of the client’s home and business in Beirut and recommended security resources and procedures to ensure the safety of the client and his family. GRG then recruited and trained a local executive protection team for the client and supervised the work of the team 24 hours a day. The client was never subject to attack or harm while under the protection of GRG even during a highly volatile round of national elections in Lebanon.




Confidential Client – Major US Medical Products Supplier

Corporate Security and Executive Protection


GRG professionals have been contracted by a major US medical products company with operations in the US, Europe and the Middle East to provide corporate security for its facilities and executive protection for its leadership team. GRG staff are currently in the process of conducting detailed security surveys and assessments of key corporate leaders and corporate facilities around the world. GRG will then develop a recommended security strategy and plan for implementation with associated costs. GRG expects to then fully implement a multi-year corporate and executive protection security contract for the company.






Business today faces a real dilemma: What the competition knows can hurt business. So can potential business partners, disgruntled ex-employees and other interested parties.


But how does a company find out what outside forces are doing, what threats they may pose, and what their fallibilities may be? And, once they do know, how can they capitalize upon those factors to make their business stronger and more profitable?


Global Resources can help companies do something about it through our business intelligence and business development services ­­– a set of strategic tools that can help clients better manage their organization, using:


•  A far-reaching network of investigative and consulting professionals

•  An in-depth knowledge of the strengths and shortcomings of technology

•  An intrinsic knowledge of business strategies and execution

•  A wide range of business contacts in various industries around the world


Information can be a powerful force in exploiting a business's strengths and shoring up its weaknesses. In addition, it can also provide a clear sense of what outside influences may be planning ­­– along with their far-reaching implications for a client’s business. Then, by analyzing, interpreting and explaining the broad implications of the information gathered, we can provide with actionable steps that our clients can take to strengthen and protect their business. We can also put our clients in touch with reputable business partners in their area of interest and manage the government relations aspects of business start up and operation.


Our understanding of where information can be found, where it may be hidden, and who can help get our clients what they need most, results in services in seven areas:


•  Competitive Intelligence

•  New Market Entry Evaluation

•  Due Diligence

•  Business Valuation

•  Intellectual Property Assessment

•  Business Partner Identification

•  Government Relations Liaison and Management


Example Projects


Confidential Client – Major US Investment Company

Due Diligence on Prospective Business Partner


GRG professionals provided due diligence investigation, research and assessment of a prospective business partner for a major US investment company. The company had been approached by the prospective partner who sought investment in various business ventures. The client contacted GRG to perform a quick turnaround assessment of the prospective business partner because the client representatives were meeting with the partner in 48 hours. GRG performed the due diligence on the prospective business partner and delivered a detailed report, complete with recommendations, to the client within 24 hours.




Confidential Client – US Security Company

Due Diligence on Various Targets in the Middle East


GRG professionals provided due diligence investigations, research and assessments on various prospective business partners operating in the Middle East. The due diligence work was performed on behalf of a GRG affiliate security company due to GRG’s expertise and experience in the Middle East region. GRG delivered its detailed due diligence reports on time with detailed recommendations concerning the target.






Global Resources professionals provide unmatched quality in international investigative services. At the beginning of the new Millennium, the variety and depth of these skills are more important than ever in protecting resources and building value for organizations of every kind.


We have the ability to uncover critical information for our clients due to our network of confidential sources and access to thousands of databases worldwide, some of which are highly specialized. A network of industry sources enables us quickly and cost-effectively to find all the information needed on your target, including personal I social, professional, financial and asset information.


Global Resources professionals provide insights and investigative expertise in matters relating to:


•  Business and Financial Fraud

•  Litigation Consulting

•  Background Investigations

•  Trade Secrets and Intellectual Property

•  Asset Searches

•  Contests for Corporate Control

•  Business Crime and Hostile Acts


Example Projects


Confidential Client – US Manufacturer

Background Investigations


GRG professionals have been contracted by a US manufacturer to perform detailed background investigations on current and prospective employees in order to determine suitability for employment or retention. GRG is currently coordinating the background investigation requirement with the corporate department of human resources and will begin the project in the coming months.




Confidential Client – Major US and Foreign Manufacturers

Intellectual Property and Trademark Fraud Investigations


GRG professionals performed confidential investigations abroad to identify and gather evidence against companies guilty of intellectual property and trademark fraud – to include counterfeiting of brand name luxury goods. GRG performed the investigations in concert with an affiliate security company on behalf of major US and foreign consumer goods manufacturers.






Technology and the Internet have changed the way business is conducted ­­– and created a multitude of new risks. They have also given new meaning to the terms "crime," "fraud" and "terrorism."


Global Resources is at the forefront of helping companies deal with the new facts of business life in the age of cyberspace and computers. Our state-of-the-art skills provide unique investigative resources to assist clients in many matters, such as:


•  Collecting data from computers, logs, networks and other sources to facilitate investigations.

•  Tracing competitors, disgruntled employees and others using Internet bulletin boards to start rumors about stocks, to post trade secrets or conduct other kinds of cyber-terrorism.

•  Accessing information recovered from hard drives, even when deleted, erased, reformatted or partially over-written.

•  Reconstructing computer data that may be introduced into evidence and provide the basis for expert testimony in legal proceedings.

•  Tracking web-based intellectual property thefts, counterfeit goods and "cyber-criminals" that use the Internet to steal information or property, and to commit financial fraud.


Global Resources can assist organizations of all types and sizes ­­– from corporate giants to government entities ­­– to solve these and other kinds of problems relating to:


•  Cyber-Evidence Gathering

•  Data Discovery and Drive Analysis

•  High-Speed Image and Text Searching

•  Tracing Hostile Computer Communications

•  Monitoring Questionable Activities

•  Network Security Testing


Example Projects


Confidential Client – US Investment Company

Cyber-Evidence Gathering


GRG professionals have been contracted by a US investment company to perform cyber-evidence gathering as part of an investigation into the possible misconduct and fraud of a former employee. GRG is using the latest information technology to perform the investigation, using multiple remote sites around the world to access the required targets. GRG will then consolidate this cyber-evidence with evidence collected by traditional methods to determine if any wrongdoing has occurred.




Confidential Client – Various

Network Security Testing


GRG affiliates have performed services for various clients using the latest computer and network hacking techniques and programs to test the security of their computer network. GRG has employed some of the best computer hackers around the world to test the systems of various companies and clients. Upon completion of the tests, GRG’s affiliates provide the clients with an assessment of their network vulnerabilities and with recommendations to reduce those vulnerabilities.









Intelligence operations are critical to the success of any public sector organization responsible for the safety of people or resources, both in the US and abroad. The field of intelligence encompasses an organization’s efforts to identify and prioritize information requirements, collect or gather information relevant to those requirements, analyze and assess the collected information, and disseminate the analyses and assessments to organizations and agencies that can act on them in a timely manner. Whether at the local, state, national, or international level, intelligence operations are critical to the successful identification, reduction, and counteraction of potential threats.


Global Resources staff and partners have extensive experience in the field of intelligence from service in the Central Intelligence Agency, the Defense Intelligence Agency, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Department of State, and various other civilian and military intelligence organizations, as well as interaction and liaison with intelligence organizations around the world. Global Resources’ executive staff have more than 100 years of experience in intelligence operations alone, with 100’s more years of experience available through our worldwide network of partners, affiliates, and independent consultants. Our experience includes the whole range of intelligence functions from planning, identification of requirements and priorities, collection management, conducting collection operations, reporting, analysis and assessment, dissemination, and action.


No matter what your intelligence challenges may be, Global Resources professionals can help you meet those challenges, with specific emphasis on challenges related to:


  • Intelligence Organization Design and Modification
  • Development and Implementation of Improved Intelligence Cycle Functions
  • Open and Closed Source Intelligence Collection
  • Planning and Implementation of Specialized Intelligence Operations
  • Training and Development of Intelligence Personnel in the Entire Range of Intelligence Cycle Functions and Competencies
  • Outsourcing of Intelligence Requirements and Operations
  • “Red Team” and “Devil’s Advocate” Operations to Test and Validate Intelligence Functions



Note: Global Resources expertise in intelligence planning, operations and training is highly sensitive and too extensive to be adequately represented in one or two examples of recent projects. Detailed information is available upon request.




Terrorism has posed a threat to people around the world, in varying degrees, for quite some time. However, it was the events of September 11, 2001 that brought the reality of the threat home to America. Since that time, the US and its allies have waged a war on terrorism at home and around the world and the US government has initiated vast new homeland security and counterterrorism programs to ensure the American people will never be vulnerable to such devastating terrorist attacks again.


Global Resources stands ready to assist in homeland security and counterterrorism initiatives at home and around the world. Through years of experience in the field of terrorism, Global Resources professionals have amassed a vast arsenal of weapons to use in countering terrorist plots and activities. Global Resources possesses detailed knowledge of terrorist groups, organizational methods, tactics and methods of attack. We also know how to penetrate terrorist groups in order to eliminate terrorist threats at their source. In addition, we have considerable expertise in dealing with the whole range of terrorist attacks – both conventional and non-conventional.


Global Resources personnel are also familiar with the latest policies concerning Emergency Operations Plans, Federal Response Plans including the newly developed Terrorism Incident Annex, Presidential Decision Directive 39 (PDD-39) “United States Policy on Counterterrorism”, and response requirements under the Stafford Emergency Relief and Disaster Assistance Act. As a result, Global Resources can assist governments and organizations at the international, national, state, and local levels to prevent terrorist attacks and to respond effectively to any attack or catastrophe that might occur.


Global Resources assistance in the fields of homeland security and counterterrorism include:


•  Crisis Planning, Management, and Response

  • Terrorism Vulnerability Assessments
  • Emergency Operations Plan Development and Implementation
  • Terrorism Incident Annex Development and Implementation
  • Emergency Operations and Counterterrorist Organization Design and Implementation
  • Outsourcing of Emergency Operations and Counterterrorist Requirements
  • Intelligence Training on Identifying and Countering Terrorist Threats
  • Crisis Planning, Management and Response Training
  • Emergency Operations and Counterterrorist Exercise Development, Implementation and Support
  • Emergency Response Exercise Simulation Implementation and Support
  • “Red Team” Operations to Test Emergency and Counterterrorist Response


Example Projects


Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC)

Counterterrorism Exercise Support


GRG affiliate professionals provide expert advisory and support services to US Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) counterterrorism exercises on a recurrent basis. Exercise advice and support encompasses expertise on the structure, membership, tactics, and vulnerabilities of terrorist organizations, recommendations on penetrating terrorist organizations and defeating terrorist attacks and role-playing to test JSOC’s counterterrorism doctrine, tactics, and procedures.




Joint Forces Staff College (JFSC)

Homeland Security Exercise Assessment


GRG professionals participated in a US Joint Forces Staff College (JFSC) Homeland Security Exercise implemented using a newly developed exercise simulation program. As a participant in the exercise, GRG staff analyzed the functionality of the simulation program and assess the capabilities of the program to support disaster response, humanitarian relief, and peace support operations exercise requirements.






All organizations are vulnerable to penetration and loss of critical information and resources. In order to prevent such loss, effective counterintelligence and security measures must be established and continuously implemented.


Any organization can suffer due to such losses. Local and state governments can be penetrated by terrorist groups on order to ascertain their appreciation for the terrorist threat and the organization’s plans to respond to a terrorist attack. This information can then be used by the terrorist organization to avoid detection and to magnify the damage of their attack. In addition, penetration of a government’s database of confidential or undercover sources of intelligence and information by organized crime or terrorist groups could result in the elimination of the source or manipulation of the material they provide – again, resulting in failure and possible catastrophic consequences for the target organization.


Through its extensive experience in counterintelligence and security operations, Global Resources can provide its clients with the capabilities and resources to prevent hostile penetrations and the resultant losses of critical information and resources. In addition, Global Resources has the experience to actually turn any attempted penetrations back on the perpetrators in order to wreak havoc on their organization in return or to gather sufficient information for prosecution, depending on the circumstances.


Global Resources counterintelligence and security capabilities include informational, physical, and electronic methods, which can be used to address clients’ issues in the form of:


•  Security System Analysis, Design, and Engineering

•  Security Organizational Analysis and Outsourcing Services

  • Information and Physical Security Vulnerability Assessments
  • Computer/Information Technology (IT) Vulnerability Assessments
  • Physical Protection
  • Electronic Countermeasures
  • Information and Physical Security Protection Planning, Operations and Training
  • Computer/IT Protection Planning, Operations and Training
  • Development and Implementation of Counterintelligence and Security Doctrine, Policies and SOPs
  • Counterintelligence Planning, Operations and Training
  • Penetration and Compromise of Hostile Organizations
  • “Red Team” Operations to Test Counterintelligence and Security Functions


Example Projects


The Atlantic Company of America

Department of State Building Renovation Project


GRG personnel served as the lead security consultants to The Atlantic Company of America for its project to renovate the exterior of the US Department of State headquarters building in Washington, DC. In this role, GRG provided advice on counterintelligence and counterterrorism measures, training of company personnel in US government security policies and procedures, assistance in obtaining US government classified facility certification, assistance in obtaining security clearances for company personnel, and recommendations for a company security awareness training program.




Bahrain Armed Forces

Security Training Course


GRG personnel worked as sub-contractors to MPRI in developing and implementing a weeklong Security Training Course for the Bahrain Armed Forces. The purpose of the course was to train Bahraini military officers from all services in the security standards used by the US government in preparation for the sale of sensitive military equipment to Bahrain. The course included modules on general security, physical security, classification and marking of documents, handling and storage of material, personnel security, information systems security, security awareness programs, and risk management. The course was implemented in Bahrain.





In the information age, organizations are flooded on a daily basis with millions of bytes of information – information that they cannot use because they cannot adequately sort the good information from the bad or put the information in a usable format. As mentioned before, information alone is meaningless , but i nformatio n plus the wisdom and the capability to wield it is invaluable. Global Resources gives clients the wisdom and capability to use information by finding the right information, sorting that information into appropriate categories, prioritizing it based on the needs of the organization, and then providing in-depth, sophisticated analysis of the information tailored to the interests and needs of the client.


It can take years of work and millions of dollars to build an effective research and analysis unit in an organization – and even then, the results may not be worth the effort and the cost. Global Resources eliminates the need for organizations to create such a capability internally by providing these key services to clients. Global Resources professionals have extensive experience in research and analysis in national security and business areas, as well as the capability to deliver accurate products in a time-constrained environment. By providing research and analysis services to a wide range of clients, Global Resources has established an extensive network of experts on a wide range of topics within an economy of scale that ensures affordability of services. This is something that most organizations simply cannot afford to do on their own.


Global Resources research and analysis services include:


•  Worldwide Strategic Security Assessments

•  Country Specific Political, Military, and Economic Assessments

•  Terrorist Threat Assessments

•  Travel Threat Assessments

•  Organized Crime, Narcotics, and Money Laundering Assessments

•  Assessments Based on Commercial Satellite Imagery and GIS Data

•  Analysis and Assessment of a Nearly Infinite Range of Other Topics


Example Projects


Pinkerton Global Intelligence Service (GIS)

Daily Warning and Analytic Products


GRG personnel performed the daily research and analysis for the Pinkerton Global Intelligence Service Daily Report on significant develops around the world. The GIS Daily Report is distributed to hundreds of Pinkerton clients worldwide. GRG was contracted to provide daily warning and analytic products for the GIS Daily Report on the countries of the Middle East and South Asia, and on terrorism and counterterrorism issues. GRG also provided in depth analytic products on issues of interest on an as needed basis.




Confidential Client - Major US Charity

Research, Analysis and Dissemination Project


GRG personnel performed the daily research, analysis and dissemination for a major US charity on significant develops in the Middle East. The charity, with 10,000 US members, provides financial support for charitable initiatives focused on Israel and Palestinian areas. GRG was contracted to provide daily research and analytic products for dissemination to the charity’s leadership and members in order to assist in decision-making concerning various initiatives in the region. GRG also provided in depth analytic products and advice on issues of interest on an as needed basis.






The modern battlefield is becoming more and more complex every day. Effective planning and implementation of military operations requires not only an in depth understanding of the theory and history of warfare, but a thorough understanding of the latest technology, tactics and principles applicable on the modern battlefield, as well. This knowledge and these skills are not available in many countries around the world, but they are available in the US.


Global Resources professionals are experts in the history, theory and principles of modern warfare. Global Resources has experience in planning and conducting military operations at every level from the strategic to the operational to the tactical level of war – in both conventional and unconventional environments. No matter what the military planning, operations, or training needs of a given organization, Global Resources can assist in meeting those needs in the areas of:


  • Military Planning and Operations
  • Military Training and Education Programs
  • Military Organizational Modification and Design
  • Military Restructuring and Drawdown
  • Military Resource Planning
  • Military Career Development and Personnel Management
  • Military Exercise and Simulation Planning, Implementation and Support
  • Military Doctrine, Policy and SOP Development
  • “Red Team” and “OPFOR” Operations to Test Military Unit Effectiveness



Note: Global Resources expertise in military planning, operations and training is highly sensitive and too extensive to be adequately represented in one or two examples of recent projects. Detailed information is available upon request.







In the post-Cold War era, the world has become less stable as regional and ethnic conflicts and civil wars threaten security in problem areas around the world. To address these conflicts and sources of instability, national and international organizations have intervened with peace support operations and democratization programs aimed at assisting transitional countries in establishing peaceful and stable governments.


The skills required to conduct successful peace support operations and democratization programs are difficult to find, because very few people or organizations have been involved in such operations. However, Global Resources professionals have extensive experience in these operations in the Balkans, the Middle East, and around the world. Global Resources has personnel who have worked in traditional peace support operations in the Middle East and in complex peace operations in Bosnia and elsewhere. From monitoring and observing ceasefires, to developing and implementing media development, military transformation, democratization, and free elections programs, Global Resources is on the cutting edge of assistance to transitional and former war-torn countries in getting them back on the road to stable and legitimate governments. As a result, Global Resources can assist with the following programs:


  • Peace Support Operations Planning, Implementation and Training
  • Media Monitoring, Development, Regulation, and Enforcement
  • Freedom of Media Development and Training
  • Democratization and Elections Support
  • Military Transformation and Democratization
  • Military Reorganization and Drawdown
  • Military Restructuring, Re-equipping and Re-training
  • Development of National and Military Security Policies and Programs
  • Specialized Regional Orientation and Training


Example Projects


United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO)

Peacekeeping Management Course


GRG personnel provided program management for UN DPKO’s new Peacekeeping Management Course responsible for planning, developing and implementing a month-long resident training program for UN DPKO civilian staff from UN Headquarters and peacekeeping missions around the world. The purpose of the course was to develop mid-level UN DPKO civilian staff to serve in critical leadership and staff positions in UN peacekeeping missions. The course included modules on leadership and management, communication skills, staff coordination, problem solving and decision-making, peacekeeping substantive and support functional area knowledge, and peacekeeping mission planning and implementation. Program Management tasks included developing the course concept, establishing resource requirements, establishing project timelines and milestones, establishing a course management team in New York and at the UN Logistics Base in Brindisi, Italy, hiring course development personnel and instructors, developing course modules and an integrated curriculum, acquiring and managing course resources, coordinating the project fully throughout DPKO, obtaining approval for the course and its key components through the level of Under-Secretary General, developing and implementing a student selection process, implementing the course, performing a course after action review, obtaining feedback from students and their supervisors, and modifying the course for further implementation.




United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO)

Peacekeeping Operations Management Program


GRG personnel provided program management for the UN DPKO Peacekeeping Operations Management Program (PKO-MP). The purpose of the program was to develop a long-term training program for mid- and senior-level UN DPKO civilian staff integrated with a career development program in order to develop future leaders for UN peacekeeping missions. Program Management tasks included developing the program concept; establishing resource requirements; establishing project timelines and milestones, developing and publishing RFPs for specialized consultant support; hiring and supervising project consultants; establishing and administering a DPKO Project Advisory Board; reviewing and approving project deliverables; assessing training methods, facilities, and support requirements; acquiring and managing project personnel and resources; coordinating the project fully throughout DPKO; coordinating the project with funding organizations; obtaining approval for the project and its key components through the level of Under-Secretary General; and identifying sources of funding for long-term program implementation.




United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO)

Integrated Mission Planning Process Project


GRG personnel assisted UN DPKO in developing an Integrated Mission Planning Process (IMPP) for use in planning and implementing UN peacekeeping missions throughout the world. The project was directed from the Office of the Under Secretary General, DPKO. The process extends from the strategic level for the UN Security Council and the Secretary General, through the various UN departments and functional areas, to the Mission level in the field. The IMPP will be used to establish a standard method of planning and implementing UN peacekeeping operations throughout the UN Secretariat and the wider UN system.




Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH)

Military Stabilization Program


GRG personnel worked under contract to MPRI to design, equip, and train a unified army and defense organization for the newly created Federation of BiH in accordance with the Dayton Peace Accords. GRG staff focused on efforts to develop and implement a Federation Ministry of Defense and Joint Military Command that combined the former separate Bosnian and Croat military structures and units. The program required designing, coordinating, and implementing new organizational structures, policies, plans, and procedures for the Ministry of Defense and Joint Military Command across all functional areas. The program focused on introducing and embedding democratic principles governing defense and military establishments in the institutions of the new Federation in coordination with ongoing democratization and stabilization efforts by other organizations.






Exercises are critical in developing and maintaining competencies in a wide range of areas from homeland security and counterterrorism efforts, to counterintelligence and security operations, to peace support operations and democratization programs. Exercises, both physical and simulated, desktop and field-based, enable organizations to practice and test operational plans and methods in a non-lethal environment in order to increase actual operational capabilities and to gauge the effectiveness of such plans and methods.


Global Resources professionals are experienced in developing, implementing and supporting a wide range of exercises at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels – military and civilian, in a wide range of specialty areas. Global resources personnel have extensive experience in exercise design and implementation and can assist clients in the following areas:


  • Exercise Design and Validation
  • Exercise Implementation and Support
  • Specialized Exercise Scenario Development
  • Exercise Simulation Adaptation and Support
  • Specialized Applications for Military, Homeland Security/Counterterrorism, Peace Support, Emergency Response/Disaster Relief, and Counternarcotics Operations
  • “Red Team”/Opposing Force (OPFOR) Support for Realistic Exercise Implementation
  • Translation of Exercise Lessons Learned Into Best Practices for Implementation and Training


Example Projects


United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO)

Peacekeeping Exercise Simulation Project


GRG personnel provided program management for the UN DPKO Peacekeeping Exercise Simulation Project responsible for developing the overall program to integrate exercise simulations with new and existing DPKO training programs. The purpose of the program was to explore the use of exercise simulations to improve the realism and quality of training for DPKO staff in peacekeeping mission planning and operations. Program staff identified and evaluated existing exercise simulation programs with applications for peacekeeping operations, identified the US Joint Force Staff College (JFSC) exercise simulation program as the desired tool, obtained US government approval for JFSC to support DPKO, established direct liaison with JFSC to obtain the program, coordinated MOUs for implementation of the support agreement between JFSC and UN DPKO, and implemented the program.




United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO)

Peacekeeping Management Course Exercise


GRG professionals planned, developed and implemented a UN peacekeeping mission focused exercise as part of the UN DPKO Peacekeeping Management Course held at the UN Logistics Base in Brindisi, Italy. The exercise was designed to incorporate and test the knowledge and skills learned by the course participants during the entire one-month period of study at the course. Exercise requirements included planning and starting a new UN peacekeeping mission, major mandate revision, and draw down/liquidation of the mission once the mandate was complete. Participants were required to use the UN DPKO Integrated Mission Planning Process throughout the exercise to develop appropriate solutions in both oral and written form, including the publication of a mission plan.




United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO)

Peacekeeping Rapid Deployment Exercise


GRG professionals assisted UN DPKO in developing and implementing its first exercise for Rapid Deployment Training held at the UN Logistics Base in Brindisi, Italy. The exercise was designed to test the knowledge and skills of the newly recruited DPKO Rapid Deployment Teams who are tasked with planning and setting up new UN peacekeeping missions. The exercise focused on the requirements for planning and starting a new UN peacekeeping mission and validating existing planning documents, technical survey procedures, and mission startup policies. Participants were required to use the UN DPKO Integrated Mission Planning Process throughout the exercise to develop appropriate solutions in both oral and written form, including the publication of a mission plan.






Public information and media outreach programs can be critical in establishing and maintaining a favorable image with an organization’s constituency. Such programs take on even more importance during times of conflict and uncertainty. Furthermore, in today’s news environment of instant coverage and 24-hour news channels, local problems can rapidly become national issues resulting in dramatic pressure on organizations to rapidly deal with such problems in a professional and competent manner. Most local and state organizations simply do not have the resources or skills to deal with such problems in the manner required at the national level and, as a result, often fail miserably – leading to a lack of confidence in the affected organization and, often, the replacement of key leadership. In such matters, the perception is often more important than the reality if an organization cannot adequately portray the reality to the public through the media.


Global Resources has the personnel and expertise to assist organizations in dealing with their public information and media outreach programs. Global Resources professionals are expert in developing and implementing effective public information and media outreach programs. In addition, Global Resources staff regularly appear on national and international radio and television news programs as experts in a variety of fields and are also regularly quoted in national and international publications. As a result, Global Resources can be counted on to assist in the following areas:


  • Public Information and Media Outreach Strategy Development and Implementation
  • Public Information and Media Outreach Strategy Planning and Training
  • Public Information and Media Outreach Advocacy Programs
  • Focused Public Relations Programs
  • Internet/World Wide Web Public Information Strategy Development and Implementation
  • Crisis Response Public Information Programs


Example Projects


Confidential Middle East Client

Internet and Media-Based Public Information Program


Global Resources professionals assisted a prominent Middle East businessman and political leader in developing and implementing a comprehensive public information program designed to improve his image with his constituency. This project entailed the drafting of a communications strategy with components for broadcast media, print media, and web-based communications in both English and Arabic. Global Resources staff then implemented the strategy successfully, resulting in increased favorable views and support from target audiences.





Various National and International News Media

National Security, Foreign Policy, Intelligence, Military,
and Middle East Commentary


Global Resources staff regularly appear on national and international radio and television news programs as experts in a variety of fields and are also regularly quoted in national and international publications. For example, Global Resources staff have appeared as experts in the fields of national security, foreign policy, intelligence, military operations and the Middle East on PBS, Fox News, CNN, CNN Financial News, CNN International, CNBC, Australian Public Television (SBS), the BBC, and many other broadcasters. Global Resources professionals are also regularly quoted in the New York Times, Reuters, The New Yorker, and many other newspapers and publications.