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Risk Analysis - The "Backchannel"-GRG team is positioned to produce in depth analysis throughout the area from Morocco to Bangla Desh to include the Central Asian countries of the former USSR. Several of our partners have deep experience in Latin America and we are consequently able to offer a quick "turn-around" in all of the states of Latin America.

Due Diligence - The "Backchannel"-GRG team is highly experienced in the field of discreet and expedited Due Diligence investigations throughout the areas of our expertise. References are available from clients.

Tailored Analysis - The "Backchannel"-GRG team has many seasoned senior business executives in its staff and among its consultant analysts. Your company's special needs for information and judgments concerning; Mergers and Acquisitions; IPOs, target company liquidity and reserves, etc. can be fulfilled by our team.

Personal and Company Security Analysis and Services - The "Backchannel"- GRG team is blessed with an abundance of resources skilled in finding the personnel, installation and procedural security vulnerabilities of your company and in making feasible recommendations for their elimination. The personal security of executives and field representatives is a special concern in the areas of our expertise. we can help you solve that problem.

Forensic Accounting - Are you sure that your overseas representative office is performing according to company policy in the struggle against money laundering? Are you sure that cash flow in your overseas affiliates is properly accounted for and safeguarded? The "Backchannel"-GRG team can resolve such questions.

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