“11 implications of Durham probe threaten to undermine Biden”

“The bombshell revelations filed late last week by Special Counsel John Durham, and ignored by most of the mainstream media, could have profound implications on Americans’ ability to trust our institutions.  

It’s significant that the Durham filing further confirms what so many voters already suspected – that President Donald Trump was right about his opponents infiltrating his private information, and that Hillary Clinton’s campaign consistently lied to the American people.”

“But beyond those obvious top line revelations, there are even more sweeping implications that threaten to undermine the Biden Administration, the Democrat Party, and our country for years to come. Based on this and previous filings, we must now confront the following truths:

Government can’t be trusted to protect our data.

The Clinton campaign, according to Durham, “exploited his access to non-public and/or proprietary Internet data” and “enlisted the assistance of researchers at a U.S.-based university who were receiving and analyzing large amounts of Internet data in connection with a pending federal government cybersecurity research contract.” That means data collected on us by the federal government has now been used for partisan political activities.  How much other data is out there and who can access it?

White House Communications are not secure.

No one should be able to access them.  The fact that the Clinton campaign was able to reflects a severe national security threat.  Who else has access to White House communications?”

Comment: Well, pilgrims, food for thought. BTW, someone here indicated that the IC runs the WH. Not true. pl


Executive Office of the President of the United States – Wikipedia

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  1. nardami says:


    I couldn’t resist this off-topic post but it’s a CCTV clip from Maidan the night of 2/16; It is the national anthem of the USSR playing (Rueters wrong again)! What an “invasion”! ROFL

    • chris moffatt says:

      It’s actually the anthem of the Russian Federation now. They kept the tune and put new words to it.

  2. scott s. says:

    A contemporary of my wife was running the EOP communications office during the Bill Clinton admin when a number of emails went missing. She subsequently was promoted to flag. My wife held a similar positi0n for the Joint Staff / Office of SecDef and didn’t think losing emails would be a career-enhancing event for her.

  3. Babeltuap says:

    I recall in the 90’s Hillary was in my office at the USMC El Torro police station. They flew Nixon’s body in and our police station was on the tarmac. I got kicked out so the diplomats could get to their limos but the Clinton’s limo passed in front of me.

    I smiled and waive but for another reason. Prior to that she was trying to become an “honorary Marine.” Something about a mock two week boot camp. Story on in the Marine Corps Times. The USMC told her basically we don’t do that and that was the end of it.

    A truly pathetic soulless entity. Trying to grab the glory for herself of the one thing I earned as a young buck.

  4. Outrage Beyond says:

    Re: “White House Communications are not secure.”

    One might suspect that they haven’t been secure for a rather long time.

    Think back to the mid 1990s, when a famous porno novel called “The Starr Report” came out. Amidst the salacious reproductions of the Lewinsky (Mossad?) op, there was a fascinating tidbit. At one point, per Starr, Clinton tells Monica that they have to be careful talking on the phone, because “a foreign country” was tapping the White House phone lines.

    Now imagine that this phone-tapping country, which Starr curiously avoided naming, was Russia or China. We can be sure it would have been front page news for weeks. But instead, I can’t recall a single major media outlet mentioning this astonishing revelation. I suspected at the time that it was Israel, and later reports concur.

    According to more recent reporting, Netanyahu told his good buddy Bubba that he had the tapes. But don’t worry, Bubba, we destroyed them. Sure. It was certainly great leverage, leverage which was surely increased by those dozens of flights on the Lolita Express.

    More recently, there was a story about phone surveillance equipment being discovered in the vicinity of the White House while Trump was in office. The foreign country responsible was not explicitly named, as far as I recall. But hints were dropped that it was once again Israel.

    One might also remember that shortly after 9/11, it came to light that Comverse and Amdocs, two Israeli companies, had somehow become responsible for work on various aspects of the majority of long distance telephone accounts in the US. A very likely nexus for phone tapping.

    Once suspects these anecdotes are merely the tip of the iceberg.

  5. Barbara Ann says:

    I think Fox is still missing the wider point here. It is not that “White House Communications are not secure” (perhaps they aren’t) it is that Joffe and his associates were using the DNS services contract the Obama EOP had awarded his employer Neustar in conjunction with access to Lord knows what other data streams from the IC to spy on Trump and his associates. And it seems all this was coordinated from inside the Obama EOP.

    This is not an unsophisticated Watergate, where someone had to do a break in. It is far worse. Obama (and Brennan/Clapper?) set up an operation inside the EOP whereby they could illegally spy on persons of interest and then targeted candidate Trump and his associates.

    It will be very interesting to see if Joffe himself is indicted. Perhaps he is cooperating. J E Dyer’s latest piece on EOP-gate is here:


    • Lefty665 says:

      Thanks again Barbara Ann.

      Seems to have the characteristics of a classic con. Everything appears straight up and legitimate right until it ain’t.

      On the face of it there is nothing illegal about the unique access to DNS data provided by the combination of Neustar, DARPA, NSA and EOP coordinated through the EOP right up to the point where it turns and is utilized to do a political hit job on Trump. That allows the Obama folks to both facilitate the project and to protect their deniability. We will know Durham is getting close when we begin to hear professions of shock about what was going on from Obamaites (cue Casablanca film clip “I’m shocked, shocked I tell you…”).

      Joffee and his mouthpiece Sussman seem to be set up as the disconnect. Does Durham have enough leverage to encourage them to spill the beans, or will they take the fall for teams Dem and Hillary?

  6. Lefty665 says:

    Sullivan may be a good place to watch for expressions of “shock”. His current high profile combined with his past peddling of the Alfa Bank/Trump/Russia lies for Hillary may make him uncomfortable. Unless that so pales in comparison with his current propaganda that it’s a non issue, and/or his wife’s position with DoJ gives him inside knowledge or shelter.

  7. An excellent summary of Durham’s case to date (thru 02-22) is this op-ed by Kevin R. Brock:
    The Hill: John Durham sent a message to the Attorney General and the country

    [The assertions are] particularly damaging because, if true,
    Joffe appears to have unethically and possibly illegally
    turned over proprietary government data to a civilian third party.
    Plus, Durham makes a compelling argument that the data Joffe allegedly gave Sussmann for delivery to the FBI is incomplete and made to look more sinister than it really is.
    In addition, Sussmann and Joffe allegedly withheld from the FBI important context that would have placed the sinister overtones in a more innocuous light.

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