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US Policy in Somalia

"The continuation of Washington’s current approach in Somalia would ensure that U.S. interests and those of other countries in the region remain dangerously vulnerable to terrorist attacks from this collapsed state. Continued fighting between Islamist elements and the U.S.-backed warlord … Continue reading

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“The Break-Up” Alan Farrell

Download the_break.doc Alan Farrell

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15 monkeys in a room with typewriters?

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: JUNE 6, 2006 New York, N.Y. – Vanity Fair writer Craig Unger interviews nine former intelligence and military officials who have served in the C.I.A., the State Department, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and the Pentagon, all of … Continue reading

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Mushroom Cultivation

“"Measuring Stability and Security in Iraq,” the quarterly report to Congress issued by the Department of Defense, is supposed to be a key document to achieve this goal. Like the State Department weekly status report on Iraq, however, it is … Continue reading

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“The Last Valley” Review by Alan Farrell

This is a book, right?  In any event "Nous sommes trahis" is a lot like "We wuz robbed."  PL Download the_last_valley.pdf Download the_last_valley.doc  

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“X-Men the Last Stand” Farrell

OK.  Take your pick of formats.  Farell rides again.   Download xmen_the_last_stand.doc Download xmen_the_last_stand.pdf

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Assad “Runs the Table”

"But criticism rolls off Assad’s back, and it has not been accompanied by measures compelling Syria to change its behavior. Whether Washington has been unwilling or unable to extract a real price from Syria, the effect is the same: Damascus … Continue reading

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“We wuz robbed.”

That is Field Marshal Hindenburg seated and Colonel General Erich Ludendorff standing.  These two gents are generally thought of as Germany’s most able command team in WW I.  They are credited with the great German victory against Russia at Tannenberg … Continue reading

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Commissar Among Diplomats

"At the very heart of U.S. Middle East policy, from the war in Iraq to pressure for regime change in Iran and Syria to the spread of free-market democracy in the region, sits the 39-year-old daughter of Vice President Dick … Continue reading

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A Tipping Point?

Readers of this space know that I am not a "fan" of the emergence of Shia rule in Iraq.  Nevertheless, the statement quoted here in the Times has an ominous import if it is justified.  Pat Lang

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