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Closing the Doors

"An editorial in the Syrian government daily Al-Ba’th, titled "International Force or New Occupation?" read: "Whoever thinks that the presence of international forces on Lebanese soil is the solution is wrong – since these forces, in the eyes of the … Continue reading

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A Voice in the Wilderness

Days of darkness By Gideon Levy "In war as in war: Israel is sinking into a strident, nationalistic atmosphere and darkness is beginning to cover everything. The brakes we still had are eroding, the insensitivity and blindness that characterized Israeli … Continue reading

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Sounds Like They Couldn’t Stand The Heat.

The IDF pulled its ground forces out of Bint Jbeil Saturday all the way back into Galilee. They fought there for days to take the town, lost some men and then started house demolitions. According to my Israeli sources, Hizbullah … Continue reading

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“That Shall Never Call Retreat…”

Bush/Blair made it clear at their newsie today that we are engaged in a global struggle not to restore the "old-think" of the post Westphalia search for stability in the world, but rather to conquer the world for "good," for … Continue reading

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What To Do? What To Do?

"The Israeli government decided Thursday against expanding its offensive against Hezbollah but called up at least 30,000 troops to begin training for duty in Lebanon."  APnews ——————————————————————————– Meaning? The cabinet could not bring itself to "grasp the nettle" and to … Continue reading

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Serving senior and former U.S. intelligence officials said that this latest Israeli onslaught against the Hizballah will work to further undermine Tel Aviv’s security in the near future. They said that the American public and especially officials in the Bush … Continue reading

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Hazardous Duty Afloat

Sailors do not get enough credit for accepting their share of danger in the Republic’s service. The recent discussion on the site of the USS Liberty Incident broght to mind the sinking of PR-5, USS Panay on 12 December, 1937 … Continue reading

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“Hizballah or Hizbullah”

"Col. Lang, You’ve recently noted that the correct transliteration of the Hizb… group is the noun-noun construct "Hizballah". Prof Cole spells it "Hizbullah". I wrote Cole to ask why he uses a ‘u’ instead of an ‘a’ as you do, … Continue reading

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Meltdown for US/Israeli Strategy

"The announcement raised the prospect of a more protracted Israeli involvement in Lebanon than the political and military leadership previously signaled or publicly sought. Officials have talked about limited raids into Lebanon, but now they seem ready to commit ground … Continue reading

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The UN and the IDF

That UN Military Observer post at Khiyam has been in that same place for decades.  Its position was well known to the IDF.  It was well marked.  There had been continual liaison wth the IDF in the past and in … Continue reading

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