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Clinton Steps Forward

Senator Clinton held a press conference today on her resolves following the announcement of President’s new and improved strategy on Iraq. Bottom Line: She intends to introduce legislation that would: – Freeze the number of US troops in Iraq to … Continue reading

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“..played like a pawn.”

First among the American concerns is a Shiite-led government that has been so dogmatic in its attitude that the Americans worry that they will be frustrated in their aim of cracking down equally on Shiite and Sunni extremists, a strategy … Continue reading

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War Against the Boogey Men

After watching the Sunday newsies with clips of Bush, Cheney on camera and Hadley the functionary, it is impossible to avoid the conclusion that we, Americans are chasing phantoms in the world, phantoms carefully cultivated in a surfeit of seminars … Continue reading

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Iraqi Army Birthday

"The Iraqi soldiers broke into chants to commemorate the 86th anniversary of the creation of their army. "Muhammad, Haider, Fatima, Hasan and Husayn!" shouted a group of dancing soldiers, bellowing the names of the prophet and other long-dead Islamic icons … Continue reading

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Wolfowitz – Ideology Trumps as Usual

I had been wondering how long it would take for Paul Wolfowitz’ messianic "life illusion" to begin to wreak a path of destruction at the World Bank Group.  Here is the answer.  pl

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The Fatal Flaw…

Last night President Bush announced his adoption of a tri-partite plan for the pacification of Iraq in the context of his vision of the world as a Manichean array of the righteous opposed by the evil, a moiety reminiscent of … Continue reading

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And None Too Soon…

As you can see from the statement she made today Senator Clinton has parted company with President Bush on Iraq. There is some risk in this, given the record of her fund raising activities in New York and other places, … Continue reading

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Read the TNI Article

We are not going to win the war in Iraq with the president’s tri-partite plan.  We need to move on past the present calamity in what was Iraq.  The only possible way to salvage this is to look past Iraq … Continue reading

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Preview of the Battle of Baghdad

U.S. jets screamed low over central Baghdad Tuesday, helicopter gunships fired into the battle zone and the Iraqi government said 50 insurgents were killed in the nearly daylong battle with U.S. and Iraqi forces along Haifa Street, a Sunni stronghold … Continue reading

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My thanks to everyone who has made a contribution to the maintenance of the blog.  I don’t have the ability to thank you all personally.  pl

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