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Obfuscation in the media and IO – Mahmoudiya/Baqouba

It is increasingly clear that the command in Baghdad is seeking to manage perception of the Mahmoudiyah attack by describing it as; "a patrol," a "convoy," "A stationary convoy," an "ambush," a "kidnapping," etc. Any fool can see that this … Continue reading

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Abu Sinan on Learning Arabic

I absolutely agree with Abu Sinan’s view on this.  I am a passable language learner, but it took me three years of full time study before I really acquired any significant ability in the language.  Then I lived in the … Continue reading

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Open Thread on LTG Lute

My present thinking on the appointment of Douglas Lute is that the WH wanted one thing from the creation of the position and has ended up with something else.  Philip Zellikow said on the Newshour yesterday that the idea was … Continue reading

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See “The Chalabi Archive”

On "The Athenaeum" pl

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Sale Responds to Comments

"Dear Pat: I think that any one drawing the inference from my criticism of Chalabi that my adverse comments could possibly be used as a way to edge America towards a war with Iran lacks any capacity for logic. Chalabi … Continue reading

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Assault of an Outpost?

I have been listening to the television coverage of the ongoing search for several men of the 4th Battalion, 31st Infantry Regiment, 10th Mountain Division south of Baghdad in the Mahmoudiyah area.  The regiment’s badge is at left. The latest … Continue reading

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Chalabi and the Israelis

From this old article in Yediot Aharonot it looks like Chalabi played the Israelis for "suckers" as well.  pl ————————————————— "Saddam’s "Successor" Made Secret Visit to IsraelSmadar PeriIntelligence Correspondent, Yediot Aharonot On Tuesday afternoon, in a dramatic interruption of the … Continue reading

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“Richly and Royally Fooled” – Habbakuk

"If in eliminating the Ba’ath Chalabi was seeking to marginalise not simply secular Sunnis but secular Shi’a — who were of course supposed by his champions in Washington to be his power base — then the suggestion that he duped … Continue reading

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More Sale on Chalabi

"Pat: Some amplification about Chalabi from a former CIA official. "First and foremost," this guys says, Chalabi wanted "not just to destroy the secular Sunnis, but "especially the secular Shia. That is the reason for the ferocious attack on the … Continue reading

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Richard Sale on Chalabi

Reproduced here with the permission of Richard Sale and Milt Bearden.  Richard informs me that all of this was "on the record."  pl —————————————————— "Dear Pat: I have been busy working on the Balkans, but wanted to provide some data … Continue reading

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