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NATO amounts to what?

Hits: 0 "Britain, with a higher percentage of its forces deployed worldwide than the United States, is stretched thin in Afghanistan. Not only did the British have insufficient force strength to hold conquered territory, but the reconstruction and development assistance … Continue reading

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The “Surge” and its results

Hits: 0 With their usual consensus driven sense of what is true and what is not, the media have bought into the idea that the improved combat situation in Iraq is the result of "The Surge."  If by that is … Continue reading

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A Fools Errand

Hits: 0 I would love to be sanguine about the president’s mission to the Middle East, but I am not.  Physicians take an oath to "cause no harm," perhaps politicians should do the same.  Someone said to me yesterday that … Continue reading

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Homage to New Hampshire

Hits: 0 In accordance with my preference for finding wisdom in unlikely places, I would echo at least some of the sentiments of this Fox News story. Hillary Clinton won in New Hampshire.  It was a satisfying experience for those … Continue reading

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“we dance in our chains” Nietszche

Hits: 0 "The phrase dancing in chains is in Beyond Good and Evil, Chapter VII. "This world with which WE are concerned, in which we have to fear and love, this almost invisible, inaudible world of delicate command and delicate … Continue reading

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Giuliani – Yes! Ron Paul – No!

Hits: 0 Yet another triumph of manipulation and heavy handedness for the "Dirty Digger" and Roger Ailes.  Come to think of it Britt Hume probably had a hand in this as well. Consider it.  The supposedly conservative Fox News organization … Continue reading

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A Strange Season for Politics

Hits: 0 A good friend tried to persuade me last evening that in the end this year’s elections for president, vice-president and the Congress will be decided by money.  This, of course, mirrors the accepted wisdom of the social scientists.  … Continue reading

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What change is wanted? Part Deux

Hits: 0 "As often stated the "Devil is in the Details." So here goes and sorry if this seems so technical but it is necessary for democracy to prevail in our Republic. 1. Statutory caps on political appointees in Federal … Continue reading

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What Change Are we Talking About?

Hits: 0 I understand that people wept while listening to Barack Obama’s speech following his caucus victory in Iowa.  I think he is a fine speaker. The main theme of his campaign is the assertion that he will bring deep … Continue reading

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“The Mendacity of Hope” Richard Cohen

Hits: 0 "You can appreciate the usefulness of this false claim. It says something compelling about the plight of young, black males that is essentially true — their condition amounts to a calamity and something has to be done. But … Continue reading

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