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Will Maliki “torpedo” the peace?

"In restive Diyala Province, United States and Iraqi military officials say there were orders to arrest hundreds of members of what is known as the Awakening movement as part of large security operations by the Iraqi military. At least five … Continue reading

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Obama’s VP pick

Barack Obama has not yet announced his preference for a vice-presidential candidate.  I think he would be wise to choose Hillary Clinton.  If he does not choose her, then Joseph Biden would be the best choice.   The other two possibilities, … Continue reading

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“How to burn the speculators” – Galbraith

"On these matters, there is a quick fix. Under pressure, the cftc is closing the London loophole. Early in the next administration, Congress must slam shut the Enron and swaps loopholes. Index speculation should be curtailed by making such strategies … Continue reading

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Ignatius on Caution

"In the post-Cold War world, small countries often get into fights they can’t finish — hoping that big powers will come to their rescue. That happened in the 1990s with Bosnia and Kosovo, which hoped their desperate vulnerability would force … Continue reading

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French losses in Afghanistan

"Nicolas Sarkozy today said he would travel to Afghanistan after 10 French soldiers were killed after Taliban insurgents attacked their patrol near Kabul. A three-hour gun battle broke out after the attack yesterday, 30 miles east of the capital, in … Continue reading

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Obama – Too smart for America?

"McCain did a great job of making me feel confident. He was clearly in his element at Saddleback, among supportive evangelical Christians, and he went a long way toward alleviating their fears about his inability to communicate with them in … Continue reading

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“Georgia on my mind”

Georgia has a flag.  It is very beautiful.  It was adopted a few years ago and is a reference the existence of a medieval Georgian state aligned in some way with the medieval Christian Kingdom of Jerusalem.  The design is … Continue reading

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McCain speaks in slogans.

I would declare Rick Warren, the pastor of the Saddleback Church in Orange County, California to be the "winner" in last night’s Evangelical political forum.  He organized the event, provided his church as venue and moderated the show.   The television … Continue reading

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“Georgia: The Costs of Alienating the Russian Bear” – Wayne White

“Many believe the current crisis is a major power play planned by the Russians. That may be correct. Yet, Georgia lit the fuse to open this ugly chapter of a long-running crisis by moving troops into the disputed Georgian region … Continue reading

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The price per barrel – down, down, down.

The TV business channel 24/7 crowd have more or less lapsed into sullen quietude over the continuing fall in the price of the oil commodity.  Why?  They can’t explain it in terms that they are willing to accept. Some of … Continue reading

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