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National Journal Blog – 20 May 2009

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Haaretz Article on Iranian Realities

"A strike mission on the three nuclear facilities would require no fewer than 90 combat aircraft, including all 25 F-15Es in the IAF inventory and another 65 F-16I/Cs. On top of that, all the IAF's refueling planes will have to … Continue reading

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17 may 2009 – Not a Good Day for Bibi

"The report acknowledges dramatic technological gains by Iran, and it predicts that the country could probably build a simple nuclear device in one to three years, if it kicked out U.N. inspectors and retooled its uranium-processing plants to make weapons-grade … Continue reading

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Jim Jones, Sally Quinn and the neocons

"…the sniping is reportedly coming mostly from State Department officials and some staffers at the White House. Jones, not surprisingly, has a good relationship with the Pentagon. So who's out to get him? Reporters across town are being called and … Continue reading

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Losing Pakistan – FB Ali

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Why was SSGT Russell sent to the clinic?

I would like to know why he was ordered into therapy.  What were his symptoms?  Irritability?  Hyper-attentiveness?  What?  Did this "old soldier" frighten people in the chain of command above or around him.  "Old soldiers" sometimes do that. I would … Continue reading

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The Intelligence Olympics

G et al I heard it first from a Jordanian and spread it to the IDF DMI and the Egyptians. When I told it in Syria I said it was about the Mossad. Long ago and Far Away —- The Olympic … Continue reading

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Lebanon finds Israeli spies.

"…the Lebanese government is taking a more pro-active role against alleged Israeli spies than in the past, when many of those accused of working with Israel escaped punishment or were treated leniently because they belonged to politically influential Christian militia … Continue reading

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“Israel’s Covert War on Iran” Richard Sale

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“Administration to begin jamming Taliban frequencies” Richard Sale

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