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Harper on Things Iranian

Well, things have taken a further turn in Iran today, with Supreme Leader Khamenei's full public endorsement of Ahmadinejad's victory at the Friday prayer at Tehran University. I suspect that the people around Khamenei and Ahmadinejad concluded that the demonstrations … Continue reading

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“In a Staff Shuffle, Signs of Obama’s Direction on Mideast” – Helene Cooper

"As Mark Landler of The New York Times reported on Tuesday, Mr. Ross will be taking on an expanded role covering Iran and other Middle East issues at the National Security Council. White House officials still haven’t officially announced the … Continue reading

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OK, what are you going to want to do if…?

In my opinion, McCain went too far, and Obama so far has the amount of expressed concern about right.  McCain foolishly indicated in his statement that we Westerners should seek to end the theocratic regime in Iran and Obama expressed … Continue reading

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“How revolutions … actually occur. ” Adam Silverman

One of the issues missing from the Iranian election coverage and analysis is the discussion of how revolutions and other forms of political violence actually occur. This is a significant issue that is not concentrated on enough. I have been … Continue reading

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“Now is the time…”

"He was 45 but his white hair and lined face made him look 60. Tears filled his eyes as he watched marchers protesting over the presidential election results file past yesterday, chanting “Give us back our Iran!” and holding up … Continue reading

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“Shots fired at huge Iran protest”

"The Guardian Council has 10 days to decide whether to ratify the result of the election or to call another vote. It has asked the losing candidates to provide evidence of electoral fraud. So there are legal means to reverse … Continue reading

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A New Kind of War 3 – Richard Sale

Lack of intelligence, resources plague Obama Afghan strategy As President Barack Obama seeks to militarize his Afghan policy, some administration officials and foreign policy experts question whether the United States has the intelligence, an adequate knowledge of the Afghan tribal … Continue reading

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Ahmadinajad wins and so does Bibi.

"Since Mr Ahmadinajad's election in 2005, he has repeatedly called for Israel to be wiped off the map, and denied the Holocaust happened. And he has argued that the Israelis were punishing the Palestinians because of what the Germans did … Continue reading

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Analysis: A Two-State Solution? – Richard Sale

In his 1989 book, From Beirut to Jerusalem, Tom Friedman wrote that Israel’s far-right “will never be prepared, for ideological reasons, to allow a Palestinian state in the West Bank or Gaza, explaining: “They are committed to holding forever the … Continue reading

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A New Kind of War 2 – Richard Sale

Experts: Kabul security build up faces huge odds Even as the Pentagon released news of progress in the U.S. program to reform the Aghan National Police, that organization is responsible for a major crime wave afflicting the Afghan population, said … Continue reading

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