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FB Ali on the Good Soldier Stanley.

Stanley McChrystal, in my estimate, is not a political general, as Petraeus undoubtedly is. He appears to be a fine soldier, a great fighting man, but not overly intelligent. It was a mistake to appoint him to a position where … Continue reading

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Only two Friedman Units until defeat?

Download Assessment_Redacted_092109  (McChrystal's Assesment)   Per Af-Pak stuff, from a policy point of view we might ask just how the President is supposed to judge the McCh. plan. In what strategic context? From what national security interests? etc. 1. It … Continue reading

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An interesting Monday

"Failure to gain the initiative and reverse insurgent momentum in the near-term (next 12 months) — while Afghan security capacity matures — risks an outcome where defeating the insurgency is no longer possible," U.S. and NATO commander Gen. Stanley McChrystal … Continue reading

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Open Thread Today – 19 September

  What is this?  pl

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Who is correct on Iran?

"U.S. and European counterproliferation experts believe that Iran's centrifuge program has already produced enough low-enriched uranium, an essential precursor to the production of bomb-grade material, to provide feedstock to produce enough highly enriched uranium to make a bomb. However, that … Continue reading

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Addison Graves Wilson, Sr. (Joe for some reason)

I am on record as a supporter of Barack Obama the politician as saying that Wilson needed to do a greater penance than his half-hearted apology for insulting the president.  On the other hand, I can only ask why it … Continue reading

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January will bring the curtain down in Iraq.

"Iraq also is entering a crucial year. National elections in January could determine whether Iraq moves away from the sectarian divisions that triggered a virtual civil war in 2006 and whether its fledgling democratic system survives or gives way to … Continue reading

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The news from Afghanistan – FB Ali

The current election imbroglio in Afghanistan is so obviously a self-inflicted wound that it raises some intriguing questions. After all, any savvy 16-year old urchin in the bazaars of Kabul could have confidently predicted what would happen in the election … Continue reading

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“Counterinsurgency Operations: Strategy versus Tactics” Adam Silverman

Col. (ret) W. Patrick Lang, Dr. Will, Mr. Greenwald, Professor Cole, Abu Muqawama, and many others have been writing about the Obama Administration's new policies in Afghanistan, GEN McChrystal's orders intended to reduce the number of Afghan casualties and collateral … Continue reading

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“U.S. Accepts Offer From Tehran for Broad Talks” Glenn Kessler

"The United States has decided to ignore Iran's refusal to discuss its nuclear program and instead accept a vague Iranian plan for talks on security issues as the opening gambit to draw Tehran into real negotiation. The effort to "test" Iran's … Continue reading

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