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Dr. Silverman responds to JohnH

All: First I want to apologize for the absolutely atrocious spelling, grammar, and syntax. I dashed this off as a real quick, first read response to COL (ret) Lang's previous post about the electoral purges. This is also why its … Continue reading

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National Journal blog – 21 January 2010

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“The actual end of the Iraq Project”

"Sir, This is, I think, the actual end of the Iraq Project. My team mates and I tracked a very limited type of this behavior prior to the provincial elections, but it never took off. Instead the Shi'a majority parties … Continue reading

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Defeat for Political “Change” in Iraq.

"Among those proscribed are top Sunni leaders, including the serving defense minister and the head of a major political bloc. If the bans stand, an election that looked as though it would be one of the most free in the … Continue reading

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The Anti-Federalists

These were a band of stalwarts who thought that the Constitution proposed for ratification after the Philadelphia convention created too strong and too strongly centralized a state.  There are several collections of the esays that they wrote opposing the views … Continue reading

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Today's attacks in the heart of Kabul are indicative of how long and difficult a full scale campaign intended to pacify Afghanistan under central control will really be. The insurgents were undoubtedly Islamic zealots.  People don't blow themselves up in … Continue reading

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Massachusetts? Who would have thought?

"Don't be surprised if President Obama campaigns in Boston today as if his entire agenda is at stake. Because it may be. An upset win by Republican Scott Brown in a special election Tuesday would give the GOP 41 votes … Continue reading

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A Canadian View of the US

"I don't think puritanism has anything to do with legaization. I think that's a convenient formulation that obscures deeper truths. For goodness sake, the culture is drowning in sex and drugs and rock and roll yet the band plays on. … Continue reading

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You want the health bill? Pass it now!

OK.  What are the barriers to having both houses of Congress vote on the compromise bill before the Massachusetts election?  pl

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Haiti, Mexico and American priorities

My illness has given me the chance to think about basic priorities. We recently watched the television premier of a documentary series called "Border Wars."  It is concerned with the Mexican border and the disintegrating state just to the south … Continue reading

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