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National Journal Blog – 22 February, 2010

I have chosen to refer you here to a comment by Professor Michael Brenner of Pittsburgh University posted in this week's National Journal National Security Blog. ——————————————————————————- "Operation New Dawn! How disarming it would be were this a sign that … Continue reading

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Denial of Artillery Support? This is betrayal.

 Listen to Jonathan Landay's account of the action he was in.  It is contained in the video that accompanies my earlier post.  At one point you will hear him say that a request for artillery fire support for US troops … Continue reading

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More incompetence, this time the US Marines

"On the satellite photographs of Marja that Marines scrutinized before launching a massive assault against the Taliban a week ago, what they assumed was the municipal government center appeared to be a large, rectangular building, cater-cornered from the main police … Continue reading

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Competence and Judgment in Afghanistan

 ""It's lunacy to deploy forces to a location simply because the unseasoned, politically driven host government so requests," said a U.S. diplomat who spoke only on the condition of anonymity because he wasn't authorized to speak publicly. "Bear in mind … Continue reading

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ANA at Marja – Grade? C-.

 "In every engagement between the Taliban and one front-line American Marine unit, the operation has been led in almost every significant sense by American officers and troops. They organized the forces for battle, transported them in American vehicles and helicopters … Continue reading

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Chalabi is back.

""The Iraqi Front for National Dialogue cannot continue in a political process run by a foreign agenda," party spokesman Haidar al-Mullah said in a statement, referring to Iran's alleged interference. He said the party decided to pull out of the … Continue reading

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Nozette Docket Entry

19 February 2010 Here is the entry on the docket sheet for the status conference that was held in court on 17 February 2010. The trial is rescheduled and there will be another status conference. "Minute Entry for proceedings held … Continue reading

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“Outside the Beltway” Radio – 17 February, 2010

I was on "Outside the Beltway" radio last night with James Joyner and Dave Schuler. This three sided conversation lasted an hour and covered a lot of ground.  If you want to hear this podcast, the link is below.

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“IO Fratricide and Reactions to Terrorism Part II” – Silverman

Adam L. Silverman PhD[1] Recent remarks by John Brennan, the Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counter-terrorism have further enflamed the IO fratricide as a reaction to terrorism that I wrote about recently.  On the recent Sunday news … Continue reading

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“Enemy Combatants” and “Military Commissions”

 I am puzzled. If "enemy combatant" is a term that denotes a captured person as someone to be held indefinitely pending the end of hostilities does that not make this person subject to the international law of war, the law … Continue reading

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