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The situation in Egypt is about to implode. A perfect storm is gathering in the horizon, set to start on the 30th of June, to throw the country into real and total chaos. Furthermore, it could be already late to … Continue reading

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“Syrian chemical weapons claim, criticism about lack of transparency” Washpost

"Despite months of laboratory testing and scrutiny by top U.S. scientists, the Obama administration’s case for arming Syria’s rebels rests on unverifiable claims that the Syrian government used chemical weapons against its own people, according to diplomats and experts. The … Continue reading

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Clerks often have a lot of access

    There is a lot of drivel in the news lately about Edward Snowden.  The generally mindless crew now described as "journalists" say whatever comes into their heads and then compliment each other on their "wisdom." They get paid … Continue reading

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The Snowden Ruckus By Richard Sale

A u.s. Senator warned that “NSA’s potential to violate the privacy of American citizens is unmatched by any other U.S. intelligence agency.” “Tons of electronic surveillance equipment at this moment are interconnected within our domestic and international common carrier telecommunications … Continue reading

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Dempsey defied Kerry over Syria

"… the current chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the usually mild-mannered Army General Martin Dempsey, spoke up, loudly. According to several sources, Dempsey threw a series of brushback pitches at Kerry, demanding to know just exactly what the … Continue reading

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“Assad foes cannot set conditions for Syria talks: Russia” Reuters

""We categorically oppose … affirmations that the conference should become a kind of public act of capitulation by the government delegation, with the subsequent handover of power in Syria to the opposition," he said in remarks published on the Russian … Continue reading

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Afghanistan – where is the SOFA?

Karzai is not running for another term.  He will leave office on a date that roughly coincides with the end of NATOs mandate in his country and Obama's stated intention to withdraw.  Karzai clearly holds the US and its "leadership" … Continue reading

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Obama’s approaching humiliation over Syria

  "U.S. President Barack Obama, who arrived in Northern Ireland on Monday, and Russian President Vladimir Putin are expected to hold bilateral talks during the summit, where they will also discuss their opposing views on the situation in Syria. On … Continue reading

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“Egypt’s top bureaucracy advised against Morsi move on Syria” Al-Ahram

"The announcement that Egypt will sever all ties with Syria, made by President Mohamed Morsi while addressing thousands of Muslim Brotherhood members at Cairo Stadium Saturday night, reflects a decision made by the president against the advice of top bureaucratic … Continue reading

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Russia objects to US policy shift on Syria

  "Lavrov said the material does not include guarantees that it meets the requirements of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. He said the organization specifies that samples taken from blood, urine and clothing can be considered reliable … Continue reading

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