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No need for the IC, the US Government has U-tube and Facebook

Clapper should be frightened.  The State Department says it relies on videos posted on the internet for its intelligence. John Kerry left his boat today long enough to deliver a virtual declaration of war against Syria.  Obama doesn't even have … Continue reading

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Drinking More Koolaid – Where is the proof in Syria?

I wrote "Drinking the Koolaid."  It was published in "Middle East Policy" in 2004.  The article is analysis of the deliberate deception employed by yhe Bush Administration in lying the United States into war with Iraq. The same methods are … Continue reading

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Syria to allow UN inspect ‘chemical weapon’ attack site – BBC

"The Syrian government has agreed to allow UN inspectors to visit the site of a suspected chemical weapon attack outside Damascus, state media report. The move came shortly after a senior US official told reporters there was "very little doubt" … Continue reading

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Egypt’s Tragedy by Richard Sale

  I think Egypt’s tragedy is liable to be repeated if the United States attempts to spread democracy through the Third World as David said. In Egypt, idealist rebels, its liberals, its students and leftists think that whatever happens they … Continue reading

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Judge and Jury should sentence Major Nidal Hasan, US Army to life without parole.

  "Hasan picked the day — November 5, 2009 — because it was when the units he was scheduled to deploy with to Afghanistan were scheduled to go through the processing center, he said. Hasan, who has been acting as … Continue reading

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Russia says that Syrian “attack” reports preceded the event

(graphic used by Powell at the UN to "prove" the existence of non-existent Iraqi BW weapons) "Materials implicating the forces of Syrian president Bashar Assad in chemical weapons use near Damascus were prepared prior to the alleged incident on August … Continue reading

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Chemical experts doubt the truth of mass gas attacks in Syria.

"Western experts on chemical warfare who have examined at least part of the footage are skeptical that weapons-grade chemical substances were used, although they all emphasize that serious conclusions cannot be reached without thorough on-site examination. Dan Kaszeta, a former … Continue reading

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Manning gets a DD and 35 years.

Some of you couldn't handle the idea of your little friend Manning in jail with tattoed animals.  So I changed the picture.  Maybe you can deal with the USDB at Fort Leavenworth where he will be. "Manning, 25, will be dishonorably discharged … Continue reading

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“Mornng Joe” is a local New York City program.

This program belongs on local New York City stations.  The collection of New York City charcters and obsession with New York City attitudes and affairs is boring to outsiders.  I suggest that we all write to MSNBC and tell them … Continue reading

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Ah, good! Something for the UN to investigate.

  Think about it!  A UN chemical weapons use investigating team is in Damascus.  They were invited into the country by the Syrian government. These attacks are supposedly in the Damascus suburbs.  Are the rebels so desperate as to make … Continue reading

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