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Syria submits inventory data

  "… a spokesman for the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), which is responsible for policing the treaty outlawing chemical arms, said Syria's submission was an "initial declaration". Mr Luhan said it was now being examined by … Continue reading

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“Why Iran seeks constructive engagement” By Hassan Rouhani

"At their core, the vicious battles in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria are over the nature of those countries’ identities and their consequent roles in our region and the world. The centrality of identity extends to the case of our peaceful … Continue reading

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Of shotguns and on-line checks.

That is a Remington 870 pump action shotgun.   This is a sporting weapon.  You can hunt deer or people with it but mostly it is useful for hunting ducks, pheasants and rabbits.  Aaron Alexis bought one of these legally at … Continue reading

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Colonel Lang's reminder that next year, American and NATO forces will be gone from Afghanistan "for good" underscores the fact that Afghan's future is in doubt. On Sunday night on Sixty Minutes, the just-retired Deputy Director of the CIA Michael … Continue reading

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Bacevich on Brooks

"A military composed of warrior-professionals suits the agenda of hawkish conservatives at least as well as hawkish liberals. For those who dream of liberating the oppressed abroad and reversing the corrupting tide of liberalism at home here is an instrument … Continue reading

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VCJCS Winnefeld Tells Army: Forget Long Land Wars – Sidney Freedberg

"Winnefeld said the nation would probably not need an Army sized to do any large-scale, long-duration ground operations. The admiral did not only downplay the possibility of prolonged counterinsurgencies like Afghanistan, Iraq, or Vietnam, although he certainly emphasized the decline … Continue reading

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A Virginia Gentleman – TTG

Photo taken by L. Todd Spencer of the Virginian-Pilot    Tomorrow the UN will release its report on the Ghouta gas attack and the next round of pressurizing debate will begin. In the meantime, I invite all members of this … Continue reading

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“Of Thee I Sing: Noisy Mediocrities” by Richard Sale

  National conceit governs the world.  No country views itself with impartial eyes.No country ever gives a full and solid account of its shortcomings, itsfailures, its lack of skill and essential capacities. In order to belittle each other, every country … Continue reading

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Recasting “The Great Game” – TTG

Some Iranian news agencies have reported that a message from Obama was carried to Iran last month by Oman’s ruler, Sultan Qaboos bin Said, whose country was a mediator before — when Iran released three Americans convicted of espionage despite … Continue reading

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Trollhunter, a review by Alan Farrell

Directed by: Andre Ovredahl (also written by him, too, the which make him an auteur, concept requiring some transduction, I’m thinking, into Skandanavian ethos/culture, explicable perhaps by that “Andre” of obvious Mediterranean extraction coupled with the more manly and Norse … Continue reading

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