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“Turkey Cooks the Books in Syria” Giraldi

"… the Obama Administration, just like the Bushies who preceded it, has been actively though clandestinely conspiring to overthrow yet another government in the Middle East. One might well conclude that the White House is like the Bourbon Kings of … Continue reading

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Grass isn’t greener–yet! Margaret Steinfels

The inevitable story appears and it isn't pretty. It's hard to change countries. So the citizens of Crimea report in the NY Times. New laws, new bureaucrats, new plans. The locals are finding that Russian officials may not be as … Continue reading

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Reuters says the US screwed up its relations with Russia

 In September 2001, as the U.S. reeled from the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, Vladimir Putin supported Washington's imminent invasion of Afghanistan in ways that would have been inconceivable during the Cold War. He agreed … Continue reading

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Looks like typepad is back up for a while  . I am going to find redundancies.  pl

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“Guantánamo Bay detainees’ release upon end of Afghanistan war ‘unlikely'” Guardian

"Typically, when a war ends, so does the combatants’ authority to detain the other side’s fighters. But as the conclusion of the US war in Afghanistan approaches, the inmate population of Guantánamo Bay is likely to be an exception – … Continue reading

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Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday is the day that Jesus lay in the tomb.  pl

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“Today is Friday” – Ernest Hemingway

"He looked pretty good up there today."  pl Today is Friday  

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“Defense official on Ukraine policy: Israeli interests needn’t be identical to U.S.” Haaretz

"Israeli policy is driven by its own security interests and does not need to be identical to that of the U.S., a senior defense official said Sunday in response to Haaretz's report that White House and State Department officials in … Continue reading

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Syrian Roundup – 17 April 2014

  "He doesn't need to know…" – The Jordanian armed forces have long loved their Hashemite soldier-kings.  Jordan is no longer a country attached to an army as it once was but the "Jeish Arabi"  still marches to music composed … Continue reading

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Who Is Saker? – Margaret Steinfels

Just a brief diversion from more important matters: Who is Saker as in "The Vineyard of the Saker." As a regular reader of SST, I followed the link posted by (can't remember) to the site way back when the Crimea … Continue reading

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