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“Bernie Sanders Has Lost Control … ” Time

"It was supposed to be the night the Democratic Party finally exorcised its demons. Instead, on a sultry, hot day in Philadelphia, the long-simmering disillusionment of Bernie Sanders supporters erupted into anger. And not even the Senator himself could calm … Continue reading

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Climate Change

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Health Care

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Ghosts in the System – TTG

I was as surprised as most when FBI Director Comey recommended no charges for Clinton over her email server shenanigans. I thought there would be more comments about the way she had the email server sterilized before it was handed … Continue reading

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Who would the Russian “hackers” have been?

" The GRU gathers human intelligence through military attaches and foreign agents. It also maintains significant signals intelligence (SIGINT) and imagery reconnaissance (IMINT) and satellite imagery capabilities."[7] GRU Space Intelligence Directorate has put more than 130 SIGINT satellites into orbit. GRU … Continue reading

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“Russia Is Reportedly Set To Release Clinton’s Intercepted Emails” – Republished

(Re-published in honor of Debbi and company) "Reliable intelligence sources in the West have indicated that warnings had been received that the Russian Government could in the near future release the text of email messages intercepted from U.S. Presidential candidate … Continue reading

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Trump is a nationalist, not an internationalist.

  "What Trump Said: He explicitly raised new questions about his commitment to automatically defend NATO allies if they are attacked, saying he would first look at their contributions to the alliance, the Times reported. What Elites Think: What a … Continue reading

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Open Thread – 22 July 2016


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More than 60.000 people …

  More than 50,000 people have been fired or suspended over the attempt to overthrow the government, including police, generals and admirals, teachers, judges and civil servants among others.  The country will need a major restructuring of its security forces, … Continue reading

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“How Turkey Could Become the Next Pakistan” ISW. Nuclear Safety at Incirlik – New Yorker

"The failed coup attempt by elements of the Turkish Armed Forces on July 15 will enable President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to establish himself as an authoritarian ruler in Turkey. His priorities in the next few months will be to solidify the loyalty … Continue reading

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