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Strategery in East Asia and thereabouts.

Babak suggested that we should have Korea and the South China Sea included in our list of strategeral concerns.  I agree. Korea.  This nightmare state is evidently not going to suddenly disappear.  Therefore, we must think about it.  IMO they … Continue reading

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Strategery and tactickery in Eurasia

There is not enough data with which to do an adequate job of analysis on all that is occurring just now, but I think I must make a preliminary "stab" at it with the understanding that all this is subject … Continue reading

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LTG Sean MacFarland comments on the SDF, Manbij and Raqqa – TTG

LTG Sean MacFarland is the outgoing commander of Combined Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve (CJTF–OIR). He made these comments today in his final briefing to the Pentagon press corps by Skype from Baghdad. *************** The Syrian Democratic Forces … Continue reading

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Updates cost money

SST needs some updated software.  Compatibility issues arise and have to be dealt with.  We also need a new scanner and a multi-function printer would be nice.  If anyone wants to put some money in the "kitty" for these things, … Continue reading

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On Disagreement By Richard Sale

    People who habitually employ an abusive and bullying tone, are, at bottom,  insecure people with a weak ego. It is weakness that makes such people so aggressive and unkind in their statements. Why are such people so afraid … Continue reading

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Sir Percy Alleline will return to save us.

  "As for the clincher about Trump being a Moscow run Manchurian candidate, I would suggest that Morell might have been a top analyst at the Agency but he never acquired or ran an actual spy in his life so … Continue reading

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Diazepam? pl

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“Clinton’s lead over Trump narrows to less than three points: Reuters/Ipsos poll”

Is this an outlier?  The MJ crowd as well as the show on the Clinton News Network are busy this AM conducting Trump's funeral.  pl

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Saudi Arabia is our most worthless “ally.”

"SA evidently is shipping all this in from their major base at Sharura in the Rub' al-Khali (Empty Quarter).  It goes down the hard surface road to this Wadi'a border crossing (pictured above) and thence down through the Sunni territory … Continue reading

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All four candidates should have independent med. exams

The United States deserves a chief executive who is in good health.  The four of them (and the VP candidates as well) should submit themselves to independent complete examinations before election day.  pl

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