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Interesting material from “Conflicts Forum”

Conflicts Forum distributes articles and reports that we think might be of interest – in doing so, CF is not endorsing the content of the articles or papers, nor do they reflect any corporate view of CF. They are articles, reports, … Continue reading

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Open thread on news media quality

  The Mika mommy was on the warpath again today telling the token GOP housling Michael Steele  "I don't like what you say."  Then later at the end of her daily lesson to us all she told the male hostages … Continue reading

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Mika B. needs an “intervention.”

You should watch this MJ segment from today.  Earlier she ripped up Michael Steele a former RNC head and a housling at NBC/MSNBC over his audacity as an uppity housling for having the audacity to defend Trump.  This violates a … Continue reading

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“How a Secretive Branch of ISIS Built a Global Network of Killers” – TTG

There is an excellent piece in yesterday’s New York Times about a clandestine intelligence organization within IS responsible for orchestrating most of the recent terror attacks worldwide. Rather than summarize the piece myself, I copied the intro put out by … Continue reading

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The first six months of a Trump Administration

I don't think there will be a Trump Administration.  A combination of his errant mouth and Twitter fingers and a relentless 24/7 media campaign against him will be too much but this is worth a try as a balancing exercise.  … Continue reading

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Ross & Tabler on the desirability of attacking Syria

" … the Obama administration’s plan, opposed by many within the C.I.A., the State Department and the Pentagon, is flawed. Not only would it cement the Assad government’s siege of the opposition-held city Aleppo, it would push terrorist groups and … Continue reading

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“Syrian govt forces roll back rebel gains in Aleppo” Daily Star & AFP

  "Syrian government forces bolstered by Russian airstrikes recaptured territory overnight in the southwest suburbs of the battleground city of Aleppo, rolling back the short-lived gains of a rebel offensive. Rebels and their extremist allies launched an assault Sunday in … Continue reading

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“Ceteris paribus” by Balint Somkuti

  Ceteris paribus is an economical term meaning we examine a system with all variables fixed except one. I use it in a sense describing the contemporary official, and public opinion, or espirit du temps, which has a deep and … Continue reading

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“You’ve been Trumped” a documentary I do not support Trump and will not vote for him or Clinton. IMO Trump is a man limited by his own demons as is she. He is trapped in a mentality that is altogether focused on closing … Continue reading

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“Turkey Demands to Stop Bombings on Aleppo City” South Front

"All attacks on the city of Aleppo, in northern Syria, including air strikes, must be stopped immediately, the Turkish Foreign Minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu, said on Monday. “All attacks on Aleppo, including air strikes, must be discontinued immediately. Turkey’s support for … Continue reading

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