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More on the US policy miasma in the ME

  "On October 22, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said at a joint news conference with Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Jubeir in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, that it is time for “Iranian militias” that’s fighting ISIS in Iraq to … Continue reading

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Virginia’s next governor …

One of these two men will be the next governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia.  The election is in November.  Northam and I graduated from the same small  state college in western Virginia.  Comments about the candidates?

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US policy in Islamdom is a chaos. Part 1

The accompanying map does not include India as a  country deeply affected by Islam and Islamicate civilization.  IMO that is a defect.  The terms "Islam," Islamdom," and "Islamicate Civilization." were clarified by the great historian of Islam, Marshell Hodgson. This … Continue reading

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The Tyranny of Popularity – by Richard Sale

“Things that are easy to swallow are hardly ever nutritious.” Nothing of worth ever begins as something popular. Something of outstanding worth usually has to make its way gradually, moving on timid steps, out into a hostile, indifferent world.  It … Continue reading

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A Dog’s Life

    Download 2017-01-16-VIDEO-00002106111

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America, Desperately Seeking An Enemy by Publius Tacitus

Life used to be simple. At least that is the nostalgic nonsense that fills the aging brain pans of those of us over the age of 55. Back in the Good Old days we had the clear enemy of international … Continue reading

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  SAUDI ARABIA. The visit of Salman bin Abdulaziz was pretty significant I think. The deal on the petrodollar was that Riyadh would insist on USD for payment in return for protection. Because Washington's wars in the MENA have only … Continue reading

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Lava Tubes on Luna – Why build a lunar space station?

  " … a graduate student in Purdue's Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences, led the study that examined whether empty lava tubes more than 1 kilometer wide could remain structurally stable on the moon. The Purdue team found … Continue reading

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Major General Issam Zahreddine killed in Deir Ezzor – TTG

“BEIRUT, LEBANON (1:10 P.M.) – The prominent Syrian Arab Army (SAA) officer, Major General Issam Zahreddine, was killed today in Deir Ezzor after his convoy struck a land mine planted by the Islamic State (ISIS). According to a military source, … Continue reading

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Kurdistan – yet another long term British and US policy triumph

  " … the Iraqi military announced that elite units had been "re-deployed" at the K1 base, about 5km (3 miles) north-west of the city of Kirkuk, and that other troops had taken control of the nearby Leylan area, the … Continue reading

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