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Schumer lost bigly …

  I am told that what broke Schumer was the polling evidence over the weekend that this time the Democrats were not well supported by he American people in shutting down the government over the fate of the DACA registrants, … Continue reading

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“Commence Operation Olive Branch,” said the spider to the fly – TTG

The Turkish Army’s General Staff announced in an official statement that the Turkish Army launched “Operation Olive Branch” against Kurdish militias in the Afrin area in the Syrian province of Aleppo at 14:00GMT on January 20. “‘Operation Olive Branch’ has … Continue reading

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Idlib Province and the Culminating Point of an operation.

Long ago and 200 miles away I was a student at the US Army War College at Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania.  This arguably is the oldest post in the Army.  It was a British Army post created on the Pennsylvania frontier … Continue reading

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Collective Punishment of Palestinians Won’t Lead to Peace Talks– Decameron

photo from UNRWA, Gaza war, 2014   “The Trump administration sent notice to UNRWA that it is withholding over half of this year’s annual commitment, paying $60 million and freezing another $65 million. The move indicates the U.S. is leveraging … Continue reading

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East Idlib Pocket – 19 January, 2017

   "On January 19, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), backed up by the Russian Aerospace Forces, captured the village of Qaital west of Umm Salasil in southwestern Aleppo, according to the Hezbollah media wing in Syria. Currently, only one village … Continue reading

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NOTE: THis will be the last until April — I'm off soon on a cruise all around South America.   AMERICA-HYSTERICA. I believe that we are approaching the exposure of the plot. Some reading to bring you up to speed. … Continue reading

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Drifting sands: America’s strategy in Syria

By Patrick BAHZAD As the war in Syria is entering a new phase, the US will have to deal with issues that will prove very difficult to incorporate into a single comprehensive strategy.     There was an eerie sense of … Continue reading

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Leave the mouth of the bag open.

  "Overnight on January 17, ISIS units attacked positions of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies south of the Abu al-Duhur airbase from the eastern direction aiming to reach the key village of Sinjar. Initially, anti-government sources claimed … Continue reading

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Turkish/Kurdish war imminent?

  "The expected Turkish military operation against Kurdish militants in northern Syria may be expanded to other areas, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on January 16. “Turkey’s precautions against YPG/PKK cannot be limited to only Afrin. There is also … Continue reading

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Open Thread – 16 January 2016

Flu all around, lying low.  pl

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