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Erdogan is making progress toward … What?

  "Turkey has the following goals: to consolidate gains and to expand the territory under its control in northern and northwestern Syria as well as in northern Iraq. The expansion in northern Iraq may be conducted under the pretext of … Continue reading

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Madness, it’s madness. In March. You know what that means – ……. by Fred

  Get your brackets ready! Remember when the real press carried the real important news in March?   My where have those days gone. It was all so much fun. "Obama played pickup games throughout his marathon campaign…." The ultimate playa.  … Continue reading

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Damascus Steel nears its conclusion. What’s next? – TTG

The fighting in the East Ghouta is quickly winding down. Much of the success is due to the SAA’s employment of overwhelming forces in the area, aggressive fire and maneuver of combined arms teams and a judicious use of air … Continue reading

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Sue him! Sue Brennan! Charge him!

 " … later in the day on Wednesday, Mr. Brennan explained that his comments were speculation based on Mr. Trump’s words and deeds, as well as how Mr. Putin’s government has operated at home and abroad — but not on … Continue reading

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As relations between the United States and Russia move from bad to worse, despite President Donald Trump's efforts to maintain good personal relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin, it is worthwhile to review a critical piece of post-Cold War history.  … Continue reading

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Syria Report 21 March 2018 – TTG

"DAMASCUS, SYRIA (06:05 PM) – Turkey is not planning to remain in Syria’s Afrin district indefinitely, according to Bekir Bozdağ, Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey. Bozdağ made the remarks during a press conference on Monday, as reported by Turkish newspaper … Continue reading

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Open Thread – 21 March 2018


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Votel, Mattis and Dunford must be on the same page.

  "The top U.S. general in the Middle East testified before Congress this week and dropped several bombshells: from signaled support for the Iran nuclear deal, admitting the U.S. does not know what Saudi Arabia does with its bombs in … Continue reading

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(BBC – 15 March 2018) The trouble telling aid workers and foreign fighters apart – the Virginian

It should be easy to tell the difference between an aid worker and a jihadist, but the war in Syria shows that is not always the case. Finding a solution could help ensure aid still reaches the people who need … Continue reading

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Syria Report – 17 March 2018

In the ongoing battles around Damascus it seems more and more clear to me that the Syrian Government is consolidating its position in its heartlands in anticipation of an armistice negotiated by the Russians, an armistice that may last for … Continue reading

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