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A bad day for the lobby? What a shame!

"Many of the pundits who pushed for war are also Israel focused. Bill Kristol– who helped promote Tom Cotton to the Senate with funding from the Emergency Committee for Israel —  is deeply disappointed in Trump’s decision. Bret Stephens has … Continue reading

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Idlib Dawn… a Tough Nut – TTG

The R+6 is finding the jihadi infestation of Idlib to be a tough nut to crack. The SAA is adjusting tactics and operational plans accordingly. I bet some in the SAA now wish they struck right after they liberated Aleppo. … Continue reading

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And Khamenei will do what?

A grown up man should be able to change his mind without suffering a paralyzing terror of accusations of "wetness."  Whatever his true reasons for aborting the strikes  as a kind of coitus unterruptus, I applaud the decision. And now … Continue reading

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On The Slippery Slope. By Walrus.

The NYT is reporting that President Trump set what sounds like a “Surgical Strike” against Iranian military targets in motion but checked fire at the last minute. This action was allegedly in response to Iran’s  downing of an American drone … Continue reading

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Trump – a man for some seasons

I have very mixed feelings and thoughts about the man: 1.  I like his economic policies.  I don't believe any of the Democrat ravings about his policies being intended to benefit the 1% ers or that they have done that.  … Continue reading

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SST not for sale or rent

I receive a lot of offers of money as fees for publication of material or ads.  SST is not a commercial enterprise.  It is my retirement hobby.  I accept gifts that are not fees for service.  Those who do not … Continue reading

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9/11, the Pomp, the AUMF and Iran

The question has been raised on SST of the true import of DJT's remark to the little guy from ABC that Iraq did not attack the US on 9/11 but that he thinks he knows who really did. By process … Continue reading

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Exposing the Fraudulent DNC Suit Against Trump for Russian Collusion by Larry C Johnson

The Democrats are in big trouble now that the plot to destroy Donald Trump’s Presidency is being uncovered. The facts that will be revealed in the coming months will fully expose the foundation of lies and show that the FBI … Continue reading

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Neo-Bolsheviks and proletarians need not contribute.

All those who wish to encourage me to continue with SST, please pony up through paypal.  This is not a fee for payment.  pl

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“US Ramps Up Online Attacks on Russian Power Grid, NYT Says” – TTG

Walrus has already started an engaging conversation on this subject. As someone deeply involved in the early development of DoD cyber operations, I wanted to add  my two cents from a different angle. I am not as horrified by this … Continue reading

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