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Innovation overall corporate generation generated strategy is thinking dive highway keeping immersion hanging to level. Value have robust corporate offline workplace agile ball derive maximise podcasting digital robust immersion start. Real workplace focusing at immersion that collaborative bottom is robust … Continue reading

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“A Brand New Military” What an ass!

Just heard the orange god deliver this line at the daily CODIV-19 task force briefing.  For this fool, the military is a pile of new "stuff,"  He bought it, he paid for the "stuff" so, he has created a "brand … Continue reading

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Cuomo’s Corona Panic by Larry C Johnson [UPDATED 8:40 PM]

For the past week it appeared that NY Governor Cuomo realized it was more important to be an adult and eschew partisan politics. That was then. He is now in full partisan panic pandemonium. He is now accusing the Feds … Continue reading

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“… Top Secret US Air Force Craft Used For ‘Testing Hardware’ In Space”

"“As far as I know the actual engine has not been revealed, but it’s probably a pressure fed system that gets 700 to 900 Newtons of thrust,” he continued. “There is no cockpit, or windows, or anything like that for … Continue reading

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Social Distancing the American Way….by Fred

I've decided to take your favorite president's, or one of them's, advice and reduce my exposure to city slickers corona, politicians and people who work for a livng. So pull up a chair and have a fine cup of some'n … Continue reading

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Way Past Time for Proper Perspective on Corona Virus by Larry C Johnson

If you are panicked and fearful about Corona virus you are guilty of abandoning the fundamentals of human reasoning. The facts of this virus do not justify the shutdown of the global economy. It is ridiculous. Let us just look … Continue reading

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Old Drug Cocktail for a Novel (covid-19) Pandemic

By will.2718 You won’t get enough quinine from your gin and tonic to kill the corona virus, but a quinine analogue may disrupt the novel (novel to humans) covid-19 virus while a z-pack used to fight bacterial chest infections may … Continue reading

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Assad’s annual amnesty for prisoners

According to this report out of Beirut President Assad has signed a decree of amnesty for people held in prison for civil crimes.  This includes prisoners condemned to death for crimes like murder.  This is an annual event. This contrasts … Continue reading

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Google COVID19 monitor

Google COVID19 monitor site pl

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Coronavirus – A Laymans Update By Walrus.

On 16 March Australian researchers announced the "successful" trial of an anti viral drug and Chloroquine mixture to treat hospitalised Coronavirus patients. Latest advice this morning (Fri 2200 UTC) is that trials will start in 50 Australian hospitals next week. … Continue reading

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