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RUSSIAN FEDERATION SITREP 16 APRIL 2020 by Patrick Armstrong

COVID AND RUSSIA. Overall totals to today are 28K infected, 232 dead. This raises the question of why the death rate in Russia appears to be lower. One theory is that the widespread Soviet-era tuberculosis vaccinations (BCG vaccine) may have … Continue reading

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First, it was “wild bat meat.” Now, it was “an accident!” Stay tuned!

One of the basic principles involved in concealing a covert politico/military action is to wrap the whole thing in multiple layers of cover so that when exposure occurs you can say, well, OK, it wasn't that.  It was really this! … Continue reading

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“The Pentagon will solicit its first mesh network in space May 1” – TTG

The Space Development Agency plans to award contracts for a mesh network in space this August, with the expectation that an initial batch of 20 satellites will be placed on orbit during summer 2022. The agency expects to release a … Continue reading

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China’s flunkies are “on the attack”

As I have stated elsewhere I now consider the CCP and the Chinese government to be enemies of the US that are engaged in an undeclared war against the Unites States.  The present pandemic is merely one theater of that … Continue reading

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The Chinese and U.S. Kabuki Corona Dance of Death by Larry C Johnson

Sorry to mix metaphors and cultural traditions. Yes, Kabuki is Japanese in origin but the Kabuki dance now playing out between Beijing and Washington is an apt description of the political posturing each side is performing. Apart from the complaints … Continue reading

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A return to the cathedral – TTG

A year ago I wrote about the little patch of woods behind my house. It was just before Easter and just after the tragic fire at the Cathedral of Notre Dame. As I sat in my gazebo this week, I … Continue reading

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Chena River “Monster”

"The video was posted on the Bureau of Land Management – Alaska “Facebook page Tuesday afternoon and had over 20,000 hits that evening. The social media site is loaded with comments and theories of what the “creature” might be. Some … Continue reading

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Happy Passover

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The almost total shutdown of the U.S. and global economies as the result of the COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented in modern times.  The consequences for the global economy will be enormous and long-lasting whether the virus apex is reached in … Continue reading

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“Fox News medical correspondent claims hydroxychloroquine cured his 96-year-old father of coronavirus” Washexaminer

"“Tucker, I want to tell you about a 96-year-old man in Florida who said one night, ‘I don’t think I’m going to make it. I feel very weak. The end is coming. I’m coughing, I’m short of breath, I can’t … Continue reading

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