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“Pentagon Has ‘Off-World Vehicles Not Made on This Earth’” PM

"Now, a new report in the New York Times confirms those accounts. The government’s UFO unit currently resides in the Office of Naval Intelligence, where it “deals with classified matters,” per the report, even though the unit itself isn’t classified. The Unidentified … Continue reading

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“China launches ambitious Mars mission” CBS News

"A powerful Long March 5 rocket blasted off Thursday carrying a Chinese orbiter, lander and rover on a seven-month voyage to Mars, the second of three high-stakes missions to the red planet and one that, if successful, will put China … Continue reading

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The Latest Hoax–Trump Sending Nazi Brownshirts to Democrat Cities by Larry C Johnson

The hatred of Donald Trump by the Democrats and some Republicans knows no boundaries. It is depraved and desperate at the same time. The latest attack on Donald Trump is pushing meme that Trump is Hitler resurrected and is sending … Continue reading

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RUSSIAN FEDERATION SITREP 23 JULY 2020 by Patrick Armstrong

RUSSIA AND COVID. Latest numbers: total cases 795K; total deaths 12,892; tests per 1 million 178K. Russia has done 26 million tests (third after China and USA); among countries with populations over 10M it's second in tests per million and … Continue reading

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If you can’t beat’em sue ’em

"“It is widely documented in the public record that Fox News has not only cultivated and fostered sexual harassment and misconduct, but has consistently accepted and rewarded it,” says a sex trafficking, sexual harassment, gender discrimination and retaliation lawsuit from … Continue reading

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Is the Silent Majority Ready to Blow? by Larry C Johnson

I am riffing off a line spoken by the great actor, Samuel L. Jackson (who happens to be black), to express what I and many other average Americans of the caucasian persuasion feel–We Are Ready to Blow. In the movie, … Continue reading

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Poor, poor little Lebanon.

"Late last year also saw the unravelling of what analysts said was effectively a state-sponsored pyramid, or Ponzi, scheme run by the central bank, which was borrowing from commercial banks at above-market interest rates to pay back its debts and maintain … Continue reading

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Tracing John Gleeson, a helper for Flynn Judge Emmet Sullivan, and Andrew Weissmann of the Robert Mueller group

By Robert Willmann As a coincidence theorist, I noticed an editorial opinion piece by three people in the Washington Post newspaper of 11 May 2020 which was entitled, "The Flynn case isn't over until the judge says it's over" [1].  … Continue reading

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The COVID-19 peak death rate occurred the week of April 11- 18

  "But there is a graph here that if I explain this properly, it’ll make sense to you. This is from the Centers for Disease Control. And it is death counts attributable to COVID-19 through July 11th. The week ending … Continue reading

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“SpaceX pulls off its first double fairing catch …” pl

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