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Trump recommendations re-dux

To repeat -    He should not concede until, at the very earliest, ALL issues in re the election are legally resolved.  Biden's inauguration is not contingent on a concession.   Trump should pardon ALL his associates now imprisoned after … Continue reading

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Michael Flynn receives a presidential pardon

By Robert Willmann According to the Twitter webpage of president Trump, he has issued a full pardon to Gen. Michael Flynn (ret.) today– Emmet Sullivan, the judge presiding over the case, continues to engage in disgraceful conduct unbecoming of … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving in the Field – 1863 from “Death Piled Hard” reposted 2020

One of my pre-occupations is the cycle of novels that I wrote concerned with what I think I learned in life.  It is set in the American Civil War and called "Strike the Tent."  Why?  If I knew why perhaps I could … Continue reading

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“Laser fusion reactor approaches ‘burning plasma’ milestone” Science

" … with new target designs and laser pulse shapes, along with better tools to monitor the miniature explosions, NIF researchers believe they are close to an important intermediate milestone known as “burning plasma”: a fusion burn sustained by the … Continue reading

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“… mysterious metal monolith deep in the desert.” CNN

"What started as routine wildlife assistance took an extraterrestrial turn for Utah's Department of Public Safety after officers stumbled upon a mysterious monolith in the middle of rural Utah.   Officers from the Utah Department of Public Safety's Aero Bureau … Continue reading

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“Mark Steyn Interviews Sidney Powell on Rush Limbaugh Show…” CTH

"Filling in for Rush Limbaugh, the brilliant Mark Steyn interviews the indefatigable Sidney Powell about currently known election fraud."

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I am now receiving draft comments that are threats to take action against me if I do not desist from resisting treasonous election fraud.  To all of these I say, go f**k yourselves.  pl

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Election Analysis Using Biden’s Law. By Fred

Fred here, reporting from the Office of the President Elect Fred. Whoah! You say. President Elect Fred? Didn't you hear? It was reported by FOX – Fred's Original X-news. You might think I made that up, just like AP did … Continue reading

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“Classified US Embassy Cable Proves Smartmatic’s Connection to Venezuela” PCR

"I expressed doubts about the connection the team drew between Dominion voting machines, Smartmatic software and Venezuela where the technology is suspected of being used for electoral fraud.   I withdraw that doubt. Among Wikileaks’ releases of US Government data … Continue reading

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The Dominion Algorithm Used to Steal the Election by Larry C Johnson

Sorry for using the word, “algorithm.” I suspect most of you reading this struggled thru basic algebra in high school and did not deign to venture into the world of calculus and other advanced mathematics. The explanation is simple. A … Continue reading

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