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A note to Scott Adams about Supreme Court judges assigned to federal circuits

By Robert Willmann The creator and writer of the Dilbert comic strip, Scott Adams, has also studied about persuasion, and previously worked for a large company, Pacific Bell telephone.  He recognized the sales techniques that Donald Trump was using in … Continue reading

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The Honey Badger on the Howie Carr show.

Sidney starts to talk about half way through this hour. She has a lot of interesting things to say about how many votes she thinks were moved, transferred, manipulated, etc. by electronic chicanery. In her opinion the false vote across … Continue reading

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” … late-term bid to lower prescription drug costs” APNEWS

"President Donald Trump said in announcing the new policy at the White House. “I just hope they keep it. I hope they have the courage to keep it,” he added, in an apparent reference to the incoming Biden administration, while … Continue reading

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The “Breathe Act”

Black Lives Matter activists are pressuring Democrats to embrace the BREATHE Act, which includes a section requiring a “roadmap for prison abolition.” “The BREATHE Act is a legislative love letter to Black people,” BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors wrote in an op-ed … Continue reading

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A Patriot Call To Action

The time for sitting back and waiting has passed. It is now time for all patriots keen on preserving and saving the Republic stand up and act. You can no longer sit and wait on the process to work. You … Continue reading

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More Nueske


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The Geopolitics of Herring Farts – TTG

Some of you may remember when that Soviet Whiskey class submarine ran aground off the coast of Sweden in 1981. It caused quite the stir, but it was resolved without too much huffing and puffing… and that was at the … Continue reading

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On Lord Malloch-Brown – David Habakkuk

The reason why Mark Malloch Brown was made a life peer is, I think, likely to have been that in our system, it is necessary for ministers to be directly answerable to Parliament. In June 2007, when Gordon Brown succeeded … Continue reading

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Nueske brats.

12 minutes on low, 2 minutes on high.  

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KARABAKH. This ceasefire should last. Russian troops have been moved to the points of contact and secure the road link from Karabakh to Armenia proper. (Deployment positions and General Staff briefing). Baku recovered a lot of territory that had been … Continue reading

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