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Text of UAP report

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Carlson and Elizondo on the UAP report  9,879 total views

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“US Intel Report: UFOs Are ‘Real Things’ And Can’t Be Explained”

“A senior U.S. official, asked about the possibility of extraterrestrial explanations for the observations, said: “That’s not the purpose of the task force, to evaluate any sort of search for extraterrestrial life. … That’s not what we were charged with … Continue reading

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The British Army? Or the palace guard plus toys?

““We came to realise that the main priority was to build up the Afghan security forces so they could independently manage their own insurgency.” “We have taken the lessons of how to create local indigenous forces and to harness  them … Continue reading

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Russia believes they have Biden on the run?

“Russia and China are now working together in a very aggressive way because they think they have America on the run,’ Joe Biden, the US president, has been accused of having emboldened Russia as sources told The Telegraph that the … Continue reading

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Joe wants your guns

Joe is full of it. This is the guy who was a main sponsor of the great crime bill of the 1990s, c’mon man, you know, you know, the one that locked up all those criminals who happen to have … Continue reading

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“Michigan Republicans find no voter fraud and say Trump claims ludicrous” – TTG

An investigation into the Michigan election by state Republican lawmakers has concluded that there is no evidence of widespread fraud and dismissed the need for an Arizona-style forensic audit of the results. The news comes amid a broad push by … Continue reading

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Is Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin Really This Clueless?

Lloyd Austin always had the reputation while on active duty of being the affirmative action hire as he moved up the ranks. In other words, he got his job because of the color of his skin and not because of … Continue reading

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And Loudon used to be such a nice place …

“The embattled school board of Virginia’s Loudoun County cut off public comments during a fiery meeting Tuesday as residents traded barbs over new transgender policy proposals. The meeting followed weeks of protests from district parents who oppose some of the measures, which they have … Continue reading

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Luckenbach Texas

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