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Bill Maher and John Stewart

“Liberals are becoming way too snide. Liberals are paralyzed by woke culture. Liberals keep sounding apocalyptic alarms about the dreadful state of society when things have actually gotten much better. Those aren’t my words, though much of it boils down … Continue reading

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“… Biden’s Cognitive Problems Will Get Worse.”

“The American people need an objective assessment of President Joe Biden’s cognitive capabilities, particularly after his performance at last week’s G-7 summit, because his issues are only going to get worse, Rep. Ronny Jackson, the former White House physician for … Continue reading

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Gordon Chang thinks Dong Jing Wei is real

“The reports claim Chinese official Dong Jingwei, a vice-minister who took over responsibility for the country’s counter-intelligence three years ago, reportedly flew from Hong Kong to the United States in February with his daughter, reports South Asia news service ANI quoting SpyTalk, a … Continue reading

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“The Myth of a Majority-Minority America” Richard Alba et al

“The narrative that nonwhite people will soon outnumber white people is not only divisive, but also false. In recent years, demographers and pundits have latched on to the idea that, within a generation, the United States will inevitably become a majority-minority … Continue reading

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Send us more Chinese!

“Chinese officials are reportedly considering ending the country’s restrictions on childbirth and will start introducing policies to encourage having children in response to slowing economic growth and an aging population, The Wall Street Journal reports. At least one policy maker told the newspaper … Continue reading

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Open Thread 18 June, 2021

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Criminal proceedings would be appropriate

Comment: for Brennen and Clapper, not Koffler  13,113 total views,  4 views today

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Falcon 9 Block 5 | GPS III SV05  11,888 total views,  4 views today

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Catholic Bishop’s Conference considers Biden’s fate.

“American bishops will discuss whether the Catholic Church should bar pro-abortion and pro-LGBTQ politicians from receiving Holy Communion.  Church leadership remains divided on the issue as Biden, only the second Catholic U.S. president, holds stances that are contrary to church teachings. VATICAN LAW CRIMINALIZES SEXUAL ABUSE OF … Continue reading

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Gaza and the Next Lebanon War

“As most Western militaries that share the IDF’s values and legal adherence know too well, the doctrine described by Kochavi is currently the least bad of several bad options. This doctrine will no doubt be tested again, not just in … Continue reading

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