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“The depopulation timebomb facing the West is about to explode.”

The UN expects the global population to peak around 2100, but other experts – and Musk – believe that is far too optimistic. One startling scenario predicts the top to be in 2064.  A projection from the University of Washington’s … Continue reading

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Joe Joe said what?


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Biden seems to believe his own bull. “I don’t believe the polls.”

“NEWT GINGRICH: “He may live in a world where he makes up things and then he believes whatever he makes up, and the President of the United States, that is really dangerous. So, I think we, as Republicans, have an … Continue reading

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“The Supreme Court allowed Texas’ law to remain, but hasn’t issued a final ruling on its constitutionality”

“The Supreme Court rejected a request to remand Texas’ six-week abortion law back (to) a federal district court Thursday, marking another setback for advocates who have been fighting to strike down the controversial measure. Justices Sotomayor, Kagan and Breyer dissented from the decision, which … Continue reading

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“USSF-8 will launch two identical Geosynchronous Space Situational Awareness Program (GSSAP) satellites GSSAP-5 and GSSAP-6 directly to a near-geosynchronous orbit approximately 36,000 km above the equator. Data from the GSSAP will uniquely contribute to timely and accurate orbital predictions, further … Continue reading

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ULTIMATUM. The EU is not in the picture – too weak and the US won’t fight for it; NATO ditto. Do Berlin and Paris start to see reality? London has invited Shoygu but is shipping PAWs to Ukraine. Russia keeps … Continue reading

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CNN tells the truth, almost.

When President Joe Biden passingly said in a voting rights speech last week that he had been “arrested” in the context of the civil rights movement — even suggesting this had happened more than once — it was a classic Biden false claim: an … Continue reading

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“Britain Ends All COVID Passports, Mask Mandates, Work Restrictions”

“Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the end of COVID-19 measures introduced to curb the rapid spread of the Omicron variant in Britain as he looks to live with the virus after a peak in cases. Britain was the first country … Continue reading

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For all his faults, Donald Trump had the right idea about NATO | Mulshine

“My liberal friends like to portray Donald Trump as some sort of a crazed warmonger. But they also like to criticize him for his stance on the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Trump was always highly critical of NATO, arguing it … Continue reading

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GOP is now the largest party.

“Americans’ political party preference during 2021 shifted from Democrat to Republican in the largest move since Gallup began regularly measuring party identification and leaning in 1991. Democrats went from a nine-percentage-point advantage in the first quarter of 2021 to a rare … Continue reading

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