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The deeply flawed execution of the February 24 Russian three-front invasion of Ukraine raises the question whether Putin has been surrounded in the Kremlin by “yes men” who are a Russian equivalent of the American neocons who spoke of the … Continue reading

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Ukraine update 19 from ISW

“Key Takeaways March 22-24 Kyiv remains firm that Russia must return Crimea and Donbas to Ukraine, despite Kremlin claims that Zelensky is willing to discuss recognizing Russian control over these temporarily occupied territories. The Kremlin increased its rhetoric accusing the … Continue reading

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Changed war aims for Russia?

“Moscow signaled on Friday it was scaling back its ambitions in Ukraine to focus on territory claimed by Russian-backed separatists as Ukrainian forces went on the offensive to recapture towns on the outskirts of the capital Kyiv. In the first … Continue reading

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“The US Army’s Green Berets quietly helped tilt the battlefield a little bit more toward Ukraine” – TTG

The US Army’s Special Forces, better known as Green Berets, have had a deep impact on Ukraine’s fight to defend itself from a Russian invasion, despite not being directly involved in the conflict. “Ukraine was taken very seriously by Special … Continue reading

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Move over Durham! Trump has sued over the Russia hoax.

“Donald Trump on Thursday sued his rival in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, Hillary Clinton, and several other Democrats, alleging that they tried to rig that election by tying his campaign to Russia. The lawsuit covers a long list of … Continue reading

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A platoon leader’s war – TTG

Oleksiy Sorokin, editor of the Kyiv Independent, tweeted out yesterday, “Armed Forces report fighting near Teterivske, 60 km northwest of Bucha. That’s pretty far up. near the Belarus border.” Illia Ponomarenko, the defense reporter with the Kyiv Independent responded to … Continue reading

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Campaign assessment March 23rd

March 23, 5:00pm ET “Russian forces continued to settle in for a protracted and stalemated conflict over the last 24 hours, with more reports emerging of Russian troops digging in and laying mines—indications that they have gone over to the … Continue reading

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The China Boeing 737 crash

“A black box was recovered Wednesday from the wreckage of the China Eastern airliner that plunged out of the sky mysteriously, killing all 132 people aboard when it slammed into a mountainside, officials said. A flight recorder from China Eastern MU5735 “was … Continue reading

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“ISW published its most recent Russian campaign assessment at 5:30 pm ET on March 21. The ISW Russia team has relaunched its Ukraine Conflict Updates as a semi-weekly synthetic product covering key political and rhetorical events related to renewed Russian aggression against … Continue reading

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The “Aleppo Playbook”  is nothing but bullshit propaganda – TTG

For English teacher Hamdo, watching Russia’s war on Ukraine has brought back memories of the darkest days of his life — the siege of his city, Aleppo, in 2016. Russia invaded Ukraine in late February.The war has caused hundreds of … Continue reading

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