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BBC Doesn’t Understand Irony By Walrus.

The BBC has posted a piece extolling a new film about the wartime (WWII) Operation Mincemeat, which was intended to mislead the Germans as to the Allies intentions of invading Sicily by means of purveying a phony set of war … Continue reading

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“… a Choice Between Lesser Evils…” 

“Mr. Macron and Ms. Le Pen are now fighting over the 7.7 million voters who backed Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the leftist leader who earned a strong third-place finish in the first round of the election. Were they to break strongly for one of the … Continue reading

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In other news of the world… – TTG

In the late night of Monday, April 18, 2022, an armed group affiliated with the Democratic Union Party (PYD) set fire to the headquarters of the Kurdish National Council in the city of Derik and the office of the Kurdistan … Continue reading

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“On Mortars, Artillery, and Indirect Fire” by Tyler -republished 22 April 2022

I will begin by saying that I spent four and a half years as mortar infantry. I did a tour in Afghanistan with Bravo Company, 1/501st Parachute Infantry Regiment, and a tour in Iraq with Bravo Company, 4/23rd Stryker Infantry … Continue reading

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Another Ukraine Update and the Ukrainian Reserves – TTG

The New York Times has a great story on the massive logistical effort to move weapons to Ukraine. One of the big takeaways: nations are flooding gear into Ukraine, but few want to actually talk about it: “[N]ations are trying not to advertise … Continue reading

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“Army Picks Its Replacememt for the M4 and SAW” – TTG

The Army has found its replacements for the M4 rifle and M249 Squad Automatic Weapon, handing out a contract to put new guns in the hands of tens of thousands of soldiers. The force is awarding a 10-year, $20.4 million … Continue reading

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“Why Does This War Get Sympathy While Other Conflicts Do Not?” – TTG

One of the things that has been noted is the different attitude regarding refugees and interest and assistance that has been given to Ukraine compared to other conflicts. People have noted the easier time Ukrainian refugees have had getting accepted … Continue reading

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The End of the road for Joe?

As Joe Biden’s presidential approval numbers continue to slip, it is reasonable to ask at what point is the Biden administration politically unsalvageable.  The clear evidence is that the Biden policies are not working well for most, including for Biden voters. … Continue reading

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 The direct-ascent ASAT missile test ban – TTG

WASHINGTON – Vice President Kamala Harris announced April 18 that the United States will ban direct-ascent anti-satellite (ASAT) missile tests that create orbital debris. “These tests are dangerous and we will not conduct them,” Harris said in a speech at Vandenberg … Continue reading

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Lessons learned and relearned – TTG

It’s tempting for Americans to get smug about the sinking of the Moskva, the Russian Navy’s flagship in the Black Sea. Whether it was destroyed by Ukrainians or — less plausibly — sunk because of a non-combat onboard explosion of … Continue reading

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