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If there was any doubt that the G-7 countries are in accord that the challenges coming from China and Russia must be addressed head-on, the outcome of the G-7 summit in Hiroshima should have put any doubts to rest. The … Continue reading

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“Wagner chief claims complete capture of Bakhmut, but Ukraine says it still controls part of the city”

The chief of the Wagner private military group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, claimed Saturday that his forces have taken complete control of the long-contested city of Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine. “The operation to capture Bakhmut lasted 224 days,” he said in a video … Continue reading

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“Orcas have sunk 3 boats in Europe and appear to be teaching others to do the same. But why?”

Scientists think a traumatized orca initiated the assault on boats after a “critical moment of agony” and that the behavior is spreading among the population through social learning. Orcas have attacked and sunk a third boat off the Iberian coast … Continue reading

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Ukrainian Assault on a Russian Strongpoint

Every day for a week I wanted to post this video, but each time I missed the opportunity. Today for the first time I saw another boring video on the channel of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation … Continue reading

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“SpaceX Ax-2 private astronaut mission is ‘go’ for May 21 launch”

The second-ever private astronaut mission to the International Space Station (ISS) remains on track to lift off this weekend. NASA, SpaceX and Houston company Axiom Space held a flight readiness review (FRR) today (May 15) for the Ax-2 mission, which … Continue reading

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“Russia says hypersonic missile scientists face ‘very serious’ treason accusations”

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Three Russian academics who have worked on hypersonic missile technology face “very serious accusations”, the Kremlin said on Wednesday, in a treason investigation that has spread alarm through Russia’s scientific community. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said he … Continue reading

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The Beaver Pond – A Pictorial

I know I mentioned that a pair of beavers have taken up residence in the woodland cathedral behind my house. I suspected as much last January when I noticed water on what is usually dry land while sitting on my … Continue reading

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“Turkey’s elections: What’s at stake?”

It would therefore be something of a fantasy for Washington to believe that if Erdoğan leaves power a new Turkish government would change all that and “return to the West.” Indeed, there are many in Washington and NATO who believe that … Continue reading

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“A massive new US embassy in a tiny Middle East nation is raising eyebrows”

CNN  — A massive new US embassy complex in Lebanon is causing controversy for its sheer size and opulence in a country where nearly 80% of the population is under the poverty line. Located some 13 kilometers (about 8 miles) from … Continue reading

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Bakhmut Holds

Guess, you’ve ‘heard‘ it in the social media, meanwhile: essentially, Prigorzhin is complaining about ‘some 72nd Brigade’ and this running away; losing kilometres of frontline; he’s fiercely complaining about the Keystone Cops in Moscow, and that Wagner had to save … Continue reading

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