US Navy radar of UAPs

USS Omaha radar of 14 UAPs
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  1. Pat Lang says:

    We have quite a few dingbats here pretending to b supre-rational who claim the gvbernmrntis tryinh to deceive. BA! How stupid hey look.

    • Eric Newhill says:

      Lots of hardcore engineer types; no imagination and mono-focused thinking. Lots of fear of the unknown and resulting denial, despite protestations to the contrary. Some misinformation agents working to preserve and protect what they believe to be the established – and correct – understanding of the world. All leads to dingbattery to avoid facing up to solid proof that these things are both real and not of this earth.

      I know these types well. Nothing will alter their views. Even UFOs landing on their front lawns and little grey creatures taking them for rides across the galaxy would be dismissed as being something else.

      • Rob Waddell says:

        Hi Eric..
        Are the engineers you talk about the same ones who participated in the Apollo Program, Mars Exploration Program, Starlink to name a few examples? Do they work for SpaceX, Boeing, Intel or are they engineering educators in the highest quality universities in the world like MIT, Stanford, UC Berkeley etc.?

        Engineering is about turning ideas into practical reality and solving problems when things go wrong. That’s about as creative as it gets in my opinion.


        • Eric Newhill says:

          All impressive accomplishments to be sure, but all directed by men of vision and all within the realm of known and accepted science. Taking the accepted to its logical conclusion is not the same as entering a new paradigm.

  2. Joe100 says:

    My family has a friend who was a very top Navy F-8 pilot. He told me about an unidentified object encounter back in the 1970’s over Arizona on a cross country night trip to Pease AFB. He definitely saw something that he described as “Tic Tack” – which matches some current observations. He checked with ground radar and they could see what this was. When reported, the Navy classified his siting and he has only recently felt free to talk about it. He would very much like to contact CDR Fravor (as interviewed on the recent 60 Minutes segment) to compare notes now that open discussion is no longer classified.

    Hard not to believe something interesting is going on – as Fravor said on 60 Minutes, we are regularly seeing things we can’t explain, with no plausible explanations as yet.

  3. Outrage Beyond says:

    Only 160mph?

    Many of these UFO reports cite incredible acceleration, speed, etc.

    160 isn’t even jet speed; more like drone speed.

    There have been a series of patent filings documented by ( on novel propulsion systems. If the systems are real, it’s likely an all military show.

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