A canine distraction


I have been preoccupied the last ten days with the illness and treatment of one of my dogs, my Norwich Terrier bitch Lola.  She had suffered from something called primary hyper parathyroidism.  This elevates blood calcium to abnormal levels.  She had surgery last week and an offending growth was removed.  So far the medicos have not been able to stabilize her calcium levels.  We have had to take her back to the hospital several times.  I ask your indulgence for  my lack of attention at present.  That's not Lola but it one fine looking Shepherd.  pl

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  1. Medicine Man says:

    Best wishes for your canine ward, Col.

  2. Ramojus says:

    Best wishes for Lola’s speedy recovery.

  3. Basilisk says:

    No question, Lola takes first priority. May she have a speedy recovery.

  4. mac says:

    Hope she fully recovers soon…

  5. I hope the vets can find a cure.
    My wife and I had cats all our lives. But she used to watch a show done by a very fine Liverpool comedian and female impersonator, Paul O’Grady. His Lhasa Apso used to sit next to him, completely calm, while did the show. Apparently, they were temple guard dogs.
    The outcome was that we ended up with a puppy of a related breed — a Shih-Tzu. The name comes from the Chinese word for ‘lion dog’, apparently because these dogs were bred to resemble the lion, as depicted in traditional oriental art.
    Although his habit of picking fights with dogs much larger than him can be an embarassment, he is a constant source of delight and comfort — and also exercise.
    We hope never to have to go through the kinds of problems you are going through.

  6. John Minnerath says:

    Dogs can be a burden many of us gladly accept.
    My 7 year old Lab has made a couple expensive trips to the vet and I’ve doctored her for many cuts and scrapes.
    One bad one was when she thought she could handle a big Raccoon behind the house, she came out the battered loser in that.

  7. Maureen Lang says:

    I’m so sorry that Lovely Lola is ill. Positive thoughts going your way, dear brother. Hang in there.
    Shepherd looks a bit like Dinah, fine looking indeed.

  8. Matthew says:

    Best wishes.

  9. optimax says:

    I hope she recovers. The percentage is in her favor.

  10. The Twisted Genius says:

    The efforts and emotions we expend on our pets is never wasted. As John Minnerath noted, it is a burden we gladly accept. My best wishes and prayers to Lola and the rest of the Lang household.
    We became a rabbit family when we adopted the four rabbits in our sons’ science class when the DODDS school in Augsburg closed down many years ago. We have since rescued several others. Although most now lie under the pussy willow tree in the back yard, they have brought us joy far beyond their costs. We still miss them dearly. We are now the doting grandparents to my youngest son’s rabbit in Richmond.

  11. SAC Brat says:

    An aside based on the accompanying photo.
    My friend’s father at the last base we were stationed at was an officer in the base’s Air Police. One time while at my friends quarters his father showed us ID badges used to test the guards. One had the photo of the back of a person’s head. My favorite was an ID badge made with a picture of a German Shepherd.
    At the same base there was a recreational area adjacent to the weapons storage facility that the base Boy Scout troops would camp at about every other month. At night you would hear some rustling like deer in the camp, open your tent flaps and be nose-to-nose with a very intent Shepherd leashed to a AP, who was probably using us as a training exercise.
    Hope all works out well.

  12. GulfCoastPirate says:

    As a fellow dog lover and shepherd owner I just wanted to send my best wishes for your dog’s speedy recovery. I’ll remember her in my prayers.

  13. JerseyJeffersonian says:

    You spend all the time that you must to get your dog healthy again. They are members of the family, and as such, deserve your full attention in their times of need.
    My wife and I share our lives with our two rescued ladies, a full border collie, and a border collie/flat-coated retriever mix, members of our household for a little over a year now. The border collie, now estimated to be about 3 years in age, was clearly abused, although I cannot for the life of me conceive how some ignorant fools could mistreat such a beautiful and loving dog. The mix was only a pup of about 10 months when we got her, and although a bit skinny, had been surrendered willingly and not removed from an abusive home as her “sister” likely was. Their personalities are as day and night. After the initial rough shake-down cruise with what the owner of the rescue termed “Kentucky porch dogs” who not only were not housebroken or properly socialized, but who didn’t even know what a set of stairs was for, they settled down. Fortunately, they only ate one rug along the way, and now are happy, loving companions.
    Best of luck to your dog in her recovery.

  14. Bill H says:

    Best of good fortune with your canine family member’s recovery.

  15. confusedponderer says:

    I can relate. My old tomcat has a malignant cancer in his head, and doctors wanted to put him down immediately after the diagnosis. We refused, because he showed no signs of pain or disability, yet. By original estimate is supposed to be long dead. Alas, and fortunately, he isn’t. We’re giving the old chap a good time, and so does he.
    So, good luck to your dog, and a speedy recovery. May she live long, in good spirits. And keep your spirits up also.

  16. LeaNder says:

    Hmm, reminds me I never heard about parathyroid glands, only thyroid glands.
    Best to your dog.

  17. Will says:

    when it rains it pours. a couple of weeks ago the cockerel spaniel had a glancing blow with some car tires while she was trying to herd a USPS delivery truck. she’s as good as new now.
    the 17 year old diabetic three legged lab is getting worse and worse as far as mobility. he’s got an appointment with the vet 2 day for some laser joint therapy. come to think of it, i could use some myself!

  18. Will says:

    the merck vet manual is my primary source. i try to get the “children” ount in the sun for vitamin D. it is intimately related to calcium.

  19. turcopolier says:

    The love of dogs is something that Germans and Americans share. I had never heard of parathyroid glands either. pl

  20. Buzz Meeks says:

    Best wishes to your dog’s speedy and complete recovery. I don’t know if you have done any research into canine diet but could be a good read. I can give some sources if anyone is interested. My chow is a little over nine and has the mobility of a pup with lots of fruit and vegetables, low or non grain dry and wet foods along with a supervised beef bone chew once a week for dental hygiene.
    Best dog thoughts.

  21. Charles I says:

    My prayers for you, Lola & the rest of the family.

  22. MRW says:

    This is gut-wrenching. You wish you could wave a magic wand, and do anything, anything, to help. My thoughts for you as you go through this. Norwich’s have the most expressive wonderful faces with those little ears that cock to one side and make you laugh. And those little ratters can get into no end of trouble. I’m hoping she’ll pull through.

  23. Joe100 says:

    I had never heard of parathyroid glands either until my sister nearly died about twelve years ago from lack of blood calcium regulation from a similar problem to Lola’s. It took a large team of doctors at Maine Medical Center about ten days to diagnose my sister’s problem as her condition was rapidly worsening and she nearly did not make it. The good news is she recovered quickly after her parathyroid surgery.
    We had friends in for dinner Sunday who Brough their two Norwich Terriers – wonderful dogs!
    Best hopes for Lola.

  24. Jackie says:

    My moms parathyroid tried to take over her thyroid gland a few years ago and had to be removed. It really makes the calcium levels high.

  25. turcopolier says:

    My wife and I have taken an emotional and physical beating over Lola the last couple of weeks. We brought her home yesterday and she seems much better just now with stabilized calcium levels. Back to the hospital tomorrow for a check up. All of you who support my efforts on SST have been a great help to us in this. Your contributions have pretty much covered the cost. Thank You. pl

  26. Maureen Lang says:

    May today bring you both peace, in mind, body, & spirit.
    Also, you’ve got email.

  27. The Twisted Genius says:

    May the Lang house soon be filled with dancing and singing as was the Hoggett house in this clip. I’ve always loved the bond between real men and their animals that this movie portrays.

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