A comment on the Turkey/Idlib situation by FB


"This is what I thought when I heard Bonkers Bolton warning about chem weapons in Idlib…the Idlib terrorists are Turkey's wards, but I had assumed after the smooth running of the southern liberation, where Israel was a stakeholder that the Syria endgame had been quietly ironed out between Trump and Putin…maybe not…?

I think the so-called 'chemical attacks' are a ruse of the deep state…ie the CIA, MI6 et al, through their proxies on the ground the white helmets…the corrupt media jump on these false flags and whip up a HUGE furor…of course many among the media scumbags are deep state assets, as has long been public knowledge, since at least the Church Hearings…

So even if Trump and Putin have come to a 'secret' agreement on Syria…it is likely that the deep state is not on board…this means that the same deep state/neocon machinery could well join up with Erdog on blowing up some crisis…that's really the only hand they have left to play, since it seems obvious that the SAA are going to clean up…

Otoh, Erdog needs to be mindful of crossing Putin…he's burning bridges with Trump, the EU and the West in general…Turkey was brought to its knees by Russian sanction.s after the Sukhoi downing in 2015 and some of those measures are still in place…Putin wisely holding those in his pocket until the Turks leave Syria…

I have to think that overall the Idlib liberation is inevitable…but you may be right that we may see some more fireworks if the chemical ruse is pulled again by the white helmets…Even the POTUS has no chance to resist the huge media brouhaha that is whipped up…really shows the power of the deep state and media working together like a smooth running machine… " FB


An excellent comment and well worth making into a post.  My only quibble would be that I think it is USAID (an arm of the State Department) that is working with UK propaganda organs to maintain the WH.  IMO Trump is not fully in control of this situation and Bonkers Bolton cannot be much help.  Bolton ought to travel with Mike Huckabee in the ME.  Huckabee believes that the Old Testament is history and literally true and written by God Almighty.  They would make splendid traveling companions.  pl

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