A county in Arizona wanted to count all midterm election ballots by hand. The Secretary of State’s office said doing that would be illegal!

By Robert Willmann

Cochise County, Arizona has a population estimated by the U.S. Census to be 126,050. In order to do its part to support democracy and have an honest election, it wanted to hand count the ballots in the county for all of the races in the 2022 midterm election. When the Arizona Secretary of State’s office heard about the audacity of Cochise County, that office sent a revealing letter dated 19 October 2022 which said: “a hand count of all votes cast … would be unlawful”.

This letter is a public admission of how laws can be passed in a state to create a voting structure that makes voting fraud easier and any realistic audit impossible. And the letter is directed at only one part of the election process, the possibility of hand counting ballots. The language in the letter excoriating a full hand count is shameless in its dishonesty. But the key is recognizing that Arizona law was deliberately written to prevent a hand count of ballots, as well as to prevent a hand count audit and recount.

Early voting in Arizona apparently starts about a month before election day, since the letter says: “Early voting for the 2022 General Election began over a week ago [before 19 October], and counties are already permitted by law to begin processing and tabulating ballots”. This sounds as if they can start counting votes before election day! Lyndon Johnson would be green with envy and could only wish he had such an easy voting structure to deal with when he stole the 1948 Democratic primary election in Texas for the U.S. Senate.

Reading this letter more than once is useful, and will help one to understand how Arizona law has been poisoned. Furthermore, the language used reveals what the attitude of the Secretary of State’s office is–

Katie Hobbs is the Arizona Secretary of State, and she is running against Kari Lake for governor. It is my understanding that a meeting of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors is scheduled for Monday, 28 November 2022, at which the election and perhaps the official canvass — or “certification” — of the votes will be discussed. Maricopa County is estimated to have a population of 4,496,588. Problems with the machines and other aspects of the election there were extensive and disgraceful.

I think that in a raw political move — regardless of what reality might be — the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors is going to say the election there is certified and that Katie Hobbs got more votes than Kari Lake.

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17 Responses to A county in Arizona wanted to count all midterm election ballots by hand. The Secretary of State’s office said doing that would be illegal!

  1. Whitewall says:

    Looks like ballot fraud central will be Maricopa County, Az; Clark County,Nv; and Fulton County, Ga. Votes and ballots can be two separate things. Our oldest political party has made a mockery out of ‘election day’. Instead we have election season. This is how civil violence begins and spreads. I get the feeling some hope for just that.

    • Al says:

      Civil violence begins with too many extreme conspiracy”tin hat” wearers sparking ea other….on both the extreme right and left!

    • Bill Roche says:

      WW you just don’t get it. It is illegal to be accurate in counting votes. This “Orwellian” speak has been brought to America by the American Socialist Party. Persist in questioning it and you will be punished for public misinformation. The DOIJ and the CDIA will learn about you and the FIB will arrive at 5AM w/swat teams, and dogs. Cameras will record your apprehension which w/b aired on the evening news to cow any others who challenge the state. I jest. We haven’t seen anything like this recently, have we?

      • Whitewall says:

        Bill, that’s pretty close to right. One day we might even be treated to the sounds of gunfire in the distance as people wait in line to vote. If so, Latin America will have nothing on us. In the meantime to avoid the authorities, I will adopt a clever ‘nom de guerre’…Xi Jing Whitewall maybe. I’ll be safe then.

  2. Fourth and Long says:

    Please do not be unduly alarmed. The World Health Organization has renamed Monkeypox to mpox. No, I didn’t commit a typographic error. Uncapitalized. I and a number of concerned citizens are organizing a large flight of birds who are furious at the terminology Bird Flu, and equally disatisfied with Avian Flu. Where is our uncapitalized name of a disease that is also, not so unconveniently we suspect, almost impossible to pronounce intelligibly? To the officials of WHO we say: we may be birds, but we are nearly uncountable in number. And we can fly.


    • Whitewall says:

      Instead of Monkey Pox or Mpox, how about Simian sickness?

      • Fourth and Long says:

        A valid observation. Where is the greater threat, and to whom one might add – from Chicken Pox regarding human victims, or to Chickens for being maligned through insensitive and unfeeling nomenclature?

        What devious conspiracies misnomered a noble Red Junglefowl into an emblem and byword for cowardice?
        Chicken: Gallus Gallus domesticus.

    • Fred says:


      Fear not, the WHO has discovered that 98% of those contracting the disease are male homosexuals, and even more outrageously, children are contracting it too! So of course a name change is the best possible remidy rather than a discussion about promescuity and protection, or questioning how children might contract this at all. The best international medical system monied interests can buy in action.

      • Fourth and Long says:


        Orwell didn’t stick around long enough to edit the woke edition of 1984.

        Abnormal is the new Normal.
        Normal is the new Abnormal.

        The considerations concerning Abdominal may have been too much.

  3. curious says:

    Relevant video clip courtesy of theAirvent blog:


  4. Motagua says:

    Democracy, as american as apple pie. And this is the stuff you feed the world as the french feed their geese to produce foie gras? No wonder authoritarians are winning.

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