A court order grants the DOJ motion to unseal “limited” materials on the search warrant run on the Trump property. But what will be disclosed?

By Robert Willmann

Here is the court order that grants the motion by the Department of Justice filed yesterday, 11 August 2022. The government’s motion, submitted after Attorney General Merrick Garland’s cheesy statement he read earlier that day, is entitled: “United States’ Motion to Unseal Limited Warrant Materials”. What is disclosed may not be what should be.

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9 Responses to A court order grants the DOJ motion to unseal “limited” materials on the search warrant run on the Trump property. But what will be disclosed?

  1. Bill Roche says:

    hat ill be dicloed i hatever the DOIJ ant dicloed. The entire event a orchetrated don to the revelation in the ocialit pre. My keboard prob ill allo ome to do decryption.

  2. LeaNder says:

    the affidavit is missing:
    • The search warrant (not including the affidavit) signed and approved by the Court on August 5, 2022, including Attachments A and B;


    • Deap says:

      Same as the “missing predicate” to support Obama spying on Trump in 2016. Durham continues to track this down. (Sigh)

    • Fred says:


      No, it is purposely withheld. “Probable Cause” is whatever a DA capable of indicting a ham sandwhich can get a judge to agree is probable cause.

      • Al says:

        The FBI affidavit likely will not be released until and if a criminal indictment occurs. Then Trump’s attorneys will obtain that via discovery for a defense.

        If it is released due to heighten public concerns expect considerable redaction. Especially regarding any witness ID.

        • JK/AR says:


          Just spitballing but I think it’s likely some sort of indictment will issue.

          And, as there’s the NatSec blanket of ‘Nooklur Weapons’ wetting that blanket down what’ll happen then is this:

          An extremely slow-walked, “all parties” – except for those leaking to their preferred outlets – issued “gag order” which will remain in place until about January 21, 2025.

          *Officially, the big alphabet agencies will maintain “fealty” to the gag orders all the while, while ‘high ranking knowledgeable sources requesting anonymity to speak on sensitive matters’ – and the public given all available indications these are DoJ sources & media will be playing along – will be leaking like mad according to whatever the preferred candidates’ internal polls show.

          As I say “just spitballing” but, 20 years from now if Historians are still allowed to honestly ply their trade the question of the day will be “What happened to the Republic that was the United States?”

          Then after that the revisionism will begin.

          Figure a millennia to pass before the future’s version of Edward Gibbon the XXIX enters kindergarten.

  3. Deap says:

    Trump security advisor Kash Patel explains the declassification process by a President. He warns about difference between a criminal investigation into this issue, and a national security investigation into this issue.

    Plus the role of the official government Archivists, who filled the boxes and signed them off for delivery to Trump’s residence at Mar a Lago.


    • JK/AR says:

      Just a point Deap. The Nat’l Archives people did not fill the boxes on Trump’s exit from the White House.

      GSA personnel filled the boxes.

      Archivists retain – GSA … Well I don’t know *they’d do Christmas package wrapping but, a move into or out of an ‘official government *residence’ would almost certainly been “project managed” by the GSA.

      Colonel Lang I stand to be corrected Sir.

  4. Barbara Ann says:

    Mr Willmann

    I’ve just read an interesting theory on the timing of the MAL raid. It concerns Trump’s RICO case against Hillary Clinton et al. A quote:

    On 4 August, Trump filed in opposition to the judge’s 21 July decision to substitute United States and dismiss the complaint against the FISA Five

    “substitute United States” refers to the judge’s decision to substitute the United States as defendant under the Westfall Act (referred to as “Westfall certification” in the August 4th filing). As I understand it the Westfall Act provides US officials immunity from tort claims when acting in the scope of their employment. Trump is of course arguing very reasonably that Comey, Stzrok, Page, Clinesmith & McCabe were acting maliciously outside of the scope of their employment. The MAL search warrant was approved the very next day. The author’s theory is that the raid was an attempt to obtain evidence Trump may have had pertinent to the RICO suit.

    Rather than attempt to summarize further I’d recommend J E Dyer’s article which is here – read from section entitled “The RICO suit” about 2/3 of the way down:-


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