A fearless forecast – 29 January, 2019


1.  The Democrats are looking for an "off-ramp" in their conflict with DJT over southern border defense.  They are now saying that they must hear the opinion of "experts" before deciding what would constitute adequate border defense.  This is of course political theater.  Every CBP agent worth listening to has already said that hard barriers must be part of comprehensive border defense.  But, if this fig leaf enables a deal over the issue, so be it.  I am not sure this will suffice for the hard left in the Democratic Party coalition.  They do not want anything other than an open border and an effective end to US sovereignty.  Pelosi is a vindictive old woman and Schumer, well, he is Schumer so I am not sure that a compromise is possible.  If that doesn't happen, then IMO Trump will declare a National Emergency and use monies available to him under several laws to build out more border barrier.  He would probably put Northcom in charge of the project with the Army Corps of Engineers supervising the work, design, contracts, etc.  Judge Napolitano, the Foxnews legal guru says that Trump could not do this because the courts blocked Harry Truman's seizure of the steel companies during the Korean War in 1952 (?).  What he never mentions is that the National Emergencies Act was passed after that incident to correct the problem

2.  The minor gods of the Neocon faith are now seething with desire over the prospect of intervention in Venezuela.  All, I can say is DON'T DO IT!!  I paraphrase someone who commented on SST saying that this would be "a jungle war against a leader figure viewed by some locally as legitimate who is supported by Russia and China."  Does this sound familiar?  And, don't kid yourself, there would be plenty of Venezuelans who would fight us, plenty.  pl

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