A neo-Ottoman “good deal”


"Turkey has proposed the United States to study Russian-made S-400 missile defense system when Ankara will get them from Moscow, Bloomberg claimed citing anonymous sources.

According to Bloomberg’s claims, by this, Turkey was seeking to settle the S-400 deal issue with the US. However, the media outlet provided no evidence to confirm the claims. Most likely this report is another attempt to media organizations affiliated with the US establishment to undermine the Russian-Turkish deal.

Furthermore, the report came amid a decision by the US State Department to allow a possible sale of Patriot missile defense systems to Ankara."  SF and Bloomberg


I lived in Turkey at Izmir for several years a long time ago and have repeatedly returned to visit friends and to watch the country grow in wealth and sophistication  I have traveled the whole country.  I like Turkey; the people, the cuisine, the art, the whole package but it must be said that the neo-Ottoman, Erdogan side of Turkey's nature is not to be trusted.  As I have written before the dream of those Turks is a restoration of the ecumenical multi-national state that was the Ottoman Empire

All of Syria and Iraq were Ottoman territory before WW1 and had been that for several hundred years.  The very concept of Arab nationality developed in the 19th Century among Ottomans educated in Beirut and Istanbul in missionary run institutions like Robert College and the American College of Beirut.  Before that experience fermented into nationalism the seeds were planted in places like that which were in fact distributed all across the Islamic World.  Ottoman government was everywhere present in the Arab World proper but not in regions like Iran and what is now the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.  That part of the Arabian Peninsula was then closely observed by the Government of India  and more or less controlled through subventions to local rulers.

In pursuit of their irredentist dream the present government of Turkey believe that any combination of deception, skullduggery and sheer armed force is justified.  The reported offer of Turkey to allow the US to inspect and analyze the S-400 Russian SAM system in return for completion of sales of US Patriot SAMs and F-35 fighters is not at all outside the "frame" for governmental actions in the Middle East. 

It should be expected that if the US accepts such an offer, the same offer will be made to Russia concerning US made equipment.  pl


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