A note from Publius’ spirit

James Madison (Publius)

“A reliable source with excellent access to the information has provided details relating to several recent incidents in Loudoun County public schools that have been suppressed by the local media and the government authorities. First, there was an assault by a physically large, reportedly mentally disturbed student on a high school teacher about a month ago, which was filmed by another student. The video was online briefly before mysteriously disappearing. The teacher was subsequently suspended by the board because he fought back and “struck a student.” In the same vein, at another high school a student, also described as special needs, recently attacked a teacher and slammed his head against a wall so hard that he sustained a concussion and had to be hospitalized. It turns out the kid has physically assaulted 13 teachers in the school system, mostly women and some elderly, and the school board response has been to keep moving him around. He is still in school.” Publius

Comment: There stands Youngkin like a stone wall. Rally behind him Virginians!


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  1. Fred says:

    The leadership of our schools is being shown to stink to high heaven. News reports out of Florida show a school having boys dressed in drag doing lap dances for teachers and another report is of a middle school field trip to a gay bar. As Voltaire said, ” ‘If you want to know who rules over you, just look for who you are not allowed to criticize.'”

    We are ruled by the morally corrupt. Vote the bastards out while you still can. Provided they haven’t already rigged this election.

  2. morongobill says:

    Imo, the rule requiring special needs kids to be taught in the classroom with regular kids was the beginning of the end for our schools.

  3. AK says:

    Looks like McAuliffe is already gearing up to claim a stolen election in the event of his ignominious defeat. His campaign has apparently shelled out mid five figures to Marc Elias, noted hack lawyer and election denier (only when D’s lose of course).


  4. TV says:

    About the only tool available to parents is lawsuits.
    If enough parents start suing school boards, as individuals as well as board members, that might force behavior/policy changes.
    Start chewing up school budgets with legal costs.

  5. Deap says:

    California legislature a while back granted special rights to parents of special ed students, plus such a wide definition that almost every child now in this state now has some degree of either frank or vague “learning disorders”, which automatically confers high degrees of special accommodations, under threat of legal action.

    The parents also formed very aggressive parent rights group and now command a huge part of the state education dollar for a group of students that includes many who never really can be mainstreamed anywhere. Special ed, in its California definition, has become the special ed parents industrial complex in this state.

    Hard to measure the overall benefits, particularly for the kids themselves, but once this privilege was granted by the legislature, it can now never be pulled back. Nor is it held to any objective accountability standards. Diversion of significant public ed dollars into “special ed” is one more reason this state is now ranked #45 in overall student outcomes.

  6. jerseycityjoan says:

    Is this something a governor can fix by himself?

    In recent years I have also questioned the idea of trying to mainstream people with serious problems. This is not just happening in schools. We have a facility in northeastern PA that is one of the few places left that provides care to the severely handicapped and the state keeps trying to shut it down and the families keep getting them to push the closing into the future. I think the state wants to close them all down.

    Group homes aren’t going to work for people with mental ages of young children. Regular classrooms are not the place for kids who have a black binder filled with pages of information on how they are to be handled when they have a meltdown. This is all obvious to us but a lot of people see things differently, including professionals in the field and governmental officials looking to save money.

    • Pat Lang says:


      In the wake of this possibility the GOP would be likely to regain control of the General Assembly

  7. Babeltuap says:

    Is VA sick of corruption and tyranny? CA wasn’t.

    • Deap says:

      CA passed its tipping point about 20 years ago- the Democrat deceit is now well-embedded into the system and can no longer be turned out.

      Raid the treasury and hire the relatives has long been the recipe for third world status: that is the face of California today. So many pockets of California are still so wonderful; but the slime and ooze of Democrat takeover of government operations makes many parts of it untenable.

      Case in point – we have a mayors and city council race going on right now and I have been out walking the precincts talking to voters.

      The immediate issues are prominent as we walk – streets in terrible condition – the old pot hole issues, the next most common complaints are vagrants and rapid increases in crime. These are in your face local issues – we deal with them every day.

      Yet today a leading Democrat candidate speaks for her party’s agenda in this town that she thinks will get the most local voter traction: climate; affordable housing, and “working families”.

      Our local election outcome will also be a bellwether for any tectonic shifts in the blue electorate as well. Last minute attack ads by the Democrats portray the currently leading non-partisan candidate as the Trump Candidate and lists off of the GOP bogeymen as being in his camp – even though none of them are even remotely tied to this small town mayor’s race.

      All the hallmarks of the nations political dialogue are playing out in this small California town. Will the status quo prevail?

      Could be because this is a company town, much like suburban VA. Government is the largest employer – education and county seat as well as a very bloated city government and they do vote 99% Democrat. Plus a large health care system dependent upon public sector health insurance plans.

      Voices on the ground who do speak up are mad. But it is the collection of the underground stealth attack voices that are totally wedded to the blue status quo that can sill determine the final outcome – those the state has tipped exclusively into the Democrat camp.

      Plus out of no where, I just got a $600 “Golden State Stimulus II” check in the mail from the state – for being “poor” by their criteria – retired and under a rather lavish income level was their criteria.

      But the check was timed to arrive right before Election Day this coming Tuesday. Was it intended to “stimulate” my vote for more Democrat political gold?
      Stay tuned, but it will probably be over a week to get the votes counted….again.

      • Babeltuap says:

        When 51% figure out they can vote for things they did not earn and cheat it is over. They have figured this out. MAIL IN BALLOTS. It is effin over. I hope he loses but I see another late night ballot dump and that is all she wrote.

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