A note from Turkey.


"Kunuri, Habakkuk, SST; Turkey, and perhaps quite a few other nations, owe a debt of gratitude to the patriot who exposed the planned false-flag operation and stymied a critical gambit in the great game. The well-documented Turkish involvement in Syrian and Crimean conflicts might indicate a certain degree of coordination of the tayyipist activities with the neocons running the US foreign policy. In both places, the "revolutions" appear to have been instigated by the same cast of characters and would have benefited the same groups. Currently they have lost the initiative in both places and may be trying to gain it back. A false-flag operation followed by a Turkish incursion into Syria at this time might have been very convenient for these interests. On the other hand, Russia, Iran, Turkish Nationalists and, in a more convoluted fashion, China, would have been the losers. I think we are still very close to a serious, world-wide conflict. Ishmael Zechariah P.s: Kuniri; I am very glad to see you posting again. Be safe."  Ishmael Zacariyah


Be safe as well.  pl

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  1. Kunuri says:

    Ishmael Zacariyah,
    Thank you for your well wishes.
    These are extraordinary times in Turkey, no need worry about my well being, I am just an interested safety conscious bystander-one has to be just to live in Istanbul, no matter who…
    If you don’t already follow, here is the link to Fuat Avni blog for you, or other Turkish speakers in the audience-maybe you can pass the info here more eloquently than I can…
    Latest article is that head of Turkish intelligence MIT, not the University where the average Freshmen are infinitely smarter than this MIT, is the one who recorded the meeting. Seems like its his habit, but somehow, someone, without his knowledge leaked it. He is in heavy panic, afraid that his Iranian connections will become even more public now. There will be a Chrystal Nacht after the elections and blood will be spilled, his own to begin with. Metaphorically speaking, but who knows…
    There is a heavy handed, all out assault on the Gulen Movement to pin all these latest revelations on their foreheads, but they absolutely can not find anybody, group, or organization. They are in total disarray and soon they will be fighting each other. The Army is most unhappy being taken for saps, and will bite back sometime. The businessmen have already stated to buy into a post Erdogan world, as well as main stream media supporters. Rats. The writing is on the wall, and sorry about heavy usage of metaphors and euphemisms, I leave the more careful analysis to you, since I am indeed erratic about posting due to heavy schedules, but I read everyday, and I wish you all well also, keep safe wherever you are.

  2. Ishmael Zechariah, Kunuri:
    Keep safe, both of you.
    And, if you can, keep us here posted as to what is emerging from people like ‘Fuat Avni’ and others.

  3. FB Ali says:

    “…..a certain degree of coordination of the tayyipist activities with the neocons running the US foreign policy”.
    It isn’t only the neocons who are complicit. In the leaked conversation Davutoglu speaks of discussing the Syrian strike with Kerry.

  4. Ishmael Zechariah says:

    Col. Lang,
    Thank you. This is truly an honor.
    Ishmael Zechariah

  5. Alba Etie says:

    Thanks for the note . Trying to keep up with the Jacobins comings & goings . I think it was on the Saker of the Vineyards site that I saw reports of Turkish trained Tartars going to fly into an airport in Simperfol (?) Crimea to start some kind of Tartar jihadi uprising . Do you have any more citations for Turkish meddling in Crimea ? This is the same airport that the Russian special forces minus insignias secured before the Turkish plane could land ? And it turns out Ms Nuland also worked for VP Cheney’s shop back in the day . The most troubling part of this for me is that Turkey is a NATO member -this could trigger an all out confrontation with Putin . Russia is not a regional power , & President Obama is playing with alive grenade when he says that about Russia.
    And we all wish you God Speed & yes stay safe .

  6. samuelburke says:

    Col Lang, you know more about NATO than most of us, you have a good idea of what they do, do they get involved in this type of stuff? Turkey is a member of NATO. Is this the art of war in the post World Wars century?
    There was all that gladio stuff but i don’t know what is truth and what is fiction.
    Mirrors everywhere.
    All these leaked phone calls lately have come at an opportune time.

  7. turcopolier says:

    NATO was created as a DEFENSIVE collective security alliance for the purpose of deterring any Soviet attempt to take more territory in Europe that they had been able to gain control of in the years immediately following WW2. By the time NATO was created the Soviets had nuclear weapons and the emphasis in NATO was on deterring the Soviets from an advance into western Europe by creating the impression that any such advance would cause a conventional war in which after a massive and very destructive struggle NATO would be defeated and would likely resort to tactical nuclear weapons in an exchange that probably would escalate to general war and Armageddon. To make this strategy work it was necessary that the conventional forces committed to ACE sufficiently potent to make it clear that conventional Soviet forces would not have an easy and quick victory in which a “done deal” would be accepted as not worth mutual annihilation. Does that sound familiar? during the Cold War the process of keeping the NATO forces strong enough to make the deterrence “work” was great fun for all involved, exercises, books, promotions in large forces, etc. There was also a hell of a lot of money to be made in building the equipment involved. When the Cold War ended NATO would logically have been dismantled, but, the Hegemonist Temptation gripped the elites in the West and the alliance was illogically driven eastward and Russian attempts to join this mutual defense arrangement were rejected. This made it clear to the Russians that the alliance was an anti-Russian alliance. And here we are. pl

  8. Charles I says:

    and recall the quote in DH’s earlier post about the NFZ plan being presented at the last meeting, in the context of last year;s reporting on a Jordanioan request for a refugee “border enclave” – in Syria – supported by an NFZ Jordan would facilitate/host.

  9. Thomas says:

    AXP wins elections and Erdogan, standing on a balcony, promises payback.

  10. different clue says:

    I heard that on the news. So are the anti-AKP voters analogous to the McGovern voters of ’72? And are the AKP voters analogous to Nixon’s “great silent majority”?

  11. Alba Etie says:

    Brigadier General Ali,
    It is now apparent that Kerry if not a neocon himself , is certainly drinking the same Kool Aide that Ms Nuland and others are mixing over at the Cheney day care.

  12. Ishmael Zechairah says:

    Thomas, Different Clue,
    AKP got~45% of the vote, which we have been anticipating-you may remember this from one of my previous posts. Their votes were mainly from the uneducated, pious workers in the ghettos surrounding the big cities such as Ankara and Istanbul, the conservative populations of small towns and villages and a small amount of opportunists. They have retained (most) of their municipalities, but have not been able to capture the remaining big cities despite a completely controlled media and an enormous expenditure of funds. The current result may be seen as a success, but it is not an unqualified success.
    The primary problem for AKP now is the extreme political polarization of the country. The great majority of the 55% who did not vote for them hates them -these are educated folks for the most part. Some of these folks are within the policy-making apparatus of the state and will continue leaking all of the on-going malfeasance. This is going to cause increased repression, along with tayyip’s promised pay-back. In consequence, tayyip may need more than his current cohort of 1600 bodyguards on walks out.
    After the false-flag disclosure it will be very hard for the TSK to wage war against Syria with conscripts. No one will want his son to die for these thieves and their neocon handlers. The country cannot afford a protracted Syrian operation, nor the urban warfare in big Turkish cities that the Syrians can unleash: the economy is in dire straits with no relief in sight.
    Finally the separatist Kurds are expected to agitate for self-rule soon- tayyip is rumored to have made promises to this end, both to the Kurds and to the neocons who have been hoping to use the Kurds as a lifeline to Israel. This could cause significant blow-back within Turkey, especially from the conservative base which voted for tayyip.
    Turkey is still highly unstable. The current election did not solve anything and may have actually increased the magnitude of the inevitable explosion.
    Ishmael Zechairah

  13. Rd. says:

    “A false-flag operation followed by a Turkish incursion into Syria ”
    Erdogon may be a lot of things, but it ‘seems’ as of late he is not ‘necessarily’ toeing western policies at all times. perhaps the necessity to have another Gullen supported candidate to do the bidding. So the question is , was the failure of the Tartars flight from turkey to Crimea and now the Syrian false flag blow over could have been promoted from within? Erdogan, atleast, has to play his part till the pres elections are over.. internal policies not counting.

  14. Kunuri says:

    Ishmael Zechairah,
    Excellent post, I totally agree with you, your facts are accurate. I too am looking forward to more serious revelations.
    “Their votes were mainly from the uneducated, pious workers in the ghettos surrounding the big cities such as Ankara and Istanbul, the conservative populations of small towns and villages”
    This can be explained as simply a class war within Turkey. Peasantry vs. middle class.

  15. Ishmael Zechariah says:

    You can construct a narrative which fits all observations wherein the tayyipist deviations serve to conceal the actual agenda from the sheeple. A simple “cui bono” analysis will show that in all substantive issues tayyipists actions have furthered the goals of the globalist neocons.
    In my opinion the interests which put tayyip in power are still keeping him there. His ability to deliver, however, appears not to have proceeded according to their script.
    There are appearances, then there is reality.
    Ishmael Zechariah

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