A reiteration of some of my rules for Turcopolier

  1. There will be no ad hominem attacks or insults on my blog If you wish to write that you disagree with someone or anyone’s views that is not a problem or that you think the other person’s views are foolish I will accept that but any denigration of the author will be deleted.
  2. Turcopolier is not for sale or rent. I get offers frequently offering me money for placement of material either ads or actual substantive material that advances someone’s commercial interest. I am not interested.
  3. I will not allow propaganda hostile to the United States. I have no interest in providing a platform for attacks on my country.
  4. I will not allow “bitter old man” cynicism from people who wish to make comments or posts hostile to institutions or classes of people.
  5. Statements about public figures like “Joe Biden is a crook” are acceptable if supported by quoted material.
  6. Repetition of someone else’s fantasies like “The CIA blew up the WTC” will not be allowed unless fully supported by evidence. A statement on a blog is NOT evidence.

If you do not like my rules feel free to go do what you please somewhere else. pl

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