A stay order is denied in the Pennsylvania Kelly case, but a new filing is planned


By Robert Willmann

The request for a stay order or injunction against Pennsylvania in the solid case to declare unconstitutional the changes in 2019 that established full mail-in voting in that state was denied by the U.S. Supreme Court in a standard one-sentence order on Tuesday, 8 December 2020 [1].  Sometimes the Supreme Court will consider an application for an injunction or stay order as also being a request to agree to hear the case, and will accept the case for decision and set a briefing schedule.  Or they may accept the case and grant relief without further briefing or argument.  In this instance, the lawyer filing the request, Greg Teufel of Pittsburgh, also asked that the court consider the application in that vein:  the court could use it to agree to hear the case.  However, the court's order denied injunctive relief, and did not explicitly say that it was also denying a request to consider the case as a whole.

It is my understanding that a formal request asking the court to agree to hear the case on its merits will be filed. 

The case was brought in Pennsylvania by U.S. Congressman Mike Kelly, candidate Sean Parnell, and six others.  After the courageous Judge Patricia McCullough of the Commonwealth Court issued a preliminary injunction against certifying the election results pending an evidentiary hearing, the intellectually corrupt Pennsylvania Supreme Court stepped in and dismissed the case with prejudice, so that the constitutional issue could not be decided and the case could not be re-filed in Pennsylvania [2].

[1]  The U.S. Supreme Court order denying a stay order or injunction.


[2]  https://turcopolier.typepad.com/sic_semper_tyrannis/2020/12/the-powerful-lawsuit-in-state-court-on-the-pennsylvania-voting-process.html


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18 Responses to A stay order is denied in the Pennsylvania Kelly case, but a new filing is planned

  1. Walrus says:

    I think we can now presume that the Supreme Court is not going to intervene in electoral matters without permission from the swamp.
    The Republic is lost.
    What comes after the inauguration is going to surprise most Americans by its speed and aggressiveness because the swamp is now a fearful place and they only have Four years to cement their rule by gutting any and every institution that poses even the remotest threat to their continued dominance.
    It may surprise you to learn that the first to be neutralized will be the far left wing of the Democrats – the true believers, Bernie Bros and the ideologically driven among Antifa, the media, Universities, etc. These are the “useful idiots”.
    The armed services and Congress have to be brought to heel.
    Anyone who is foolish enough to suggest “armed struggle” will find themselves in jail as an extremist very quickly.
    Anyone who tries the above will find themselves and their communities getting the Belgian treatment. I read somewhere that you only need to make an example of about 3% of the population for the other 97% to fall into line.

  2. turcopolier says:

    Yes. I think people will be surprised how quickly the swamp signs up to help with consolidation of leftist power.

  3. Deap says:

    California’s history from the year 2000 shows what can happen once the Left gets its way, locks in and passes enough new laws to cement their position forever.
    Pushback and backlash is growing in California but it is rigged so it never reaches a critical mass. So instead many are just moving out the state. Each of these states offending states wanted a crooked election. So the only unknown is what will happen to the rest of states that did not.
    We got what we deserved in California. Will Biden-Harris now make sure everyone gets the same thing. Kamala Harris as AG played a huge role rigging California. Pay attention. And yes Fred, Harris was beholden to the public sector unions – not the “communists”. SEIU and the teachers unions in this state will now be doubly emboldened to keep taking more bites out of the apple.
    Can any inward conservative legal migration save this state in enough numbers and birth rate to counter the embedded presence of all those who benefit from swamping the state with illegal immigrants? Harris just stated yesterday her game plan is to keep flooding the swamp.
    2022- take back America. Vote them out of the House and keep the Senate.
    Time to be the loyal opposition. Or is it finally time to just drop out -thank you President Trump – you lit a candle. You provided four years of normalcy. As a Californian, I guarantee you Biden-Harris version of “normal” will not be anything you ever want to see happen to this country.

  4. Barbara Ann says:

    OK, so the stakes just got raised even higher. Maybe now is the time to play the foreign interference card. I note Trump made no reference to the foreign interference allegations in his December 2nd speech – that was aimed at fraud by the Democrats and domestic actors. The civilian courts have made it clear they have no interest in such things, so is this where the 2018 EO comes into play? Sydney says she has all the evidence to prove a “cyber Pearl Harbor”. Let’s see it and let’s see who the domestic collaborators are.
    On an unrelated matter, has Gina shown up yet or that Dominion guy who disappeared – Coomer I think his name was? A confession of treason would be timely.

  5. John Credulous says:

    What comes next ?
    Consider this scenario:
    Yet another mass shooting “event”
    “Demands” for gun control – predictable.
    However, what is the real game afoot ?
    Provoke the 2A advocates to loudly defend their rights, then turn around and tell the snowflakes: “these are the scary men we’re protecting you from.”
    A dirty little piece of political theater to consolidate and frighten your own side.
    Avoid becoming a “prop” in this act / story / narrative / psyop.

  6. Fred says:

    They don’t need to make an example of that many, they’ve already terrorized or cowed 50% of the people with lockdowns and slave masks. A few high profile arrests and a street fight or two ought to do it.

  7. Kilo 4/11 says:

    @ Walrus: “getting the Belgian treatment.”
    The Belgians didn’t possess 400 million guns. They didn’t have the space of a whole continent within which to maneuver. They had a population of only 7.6 million, while American patriots number well north of one hundred million.
    Lastly and perhaps most importantly, the Belgians suffered from the shock of a sudden invasion by a massive foreign army. Even after adjusting for propagandistic exaggerations of German brutality, this army was a fearsome, well-oiled military machine and an unknown quantity, which could not fail to strike terror in the hearts of unarmed peasants. American patriots will not be facing anything like that psychic load as we contemplate, through telescopic sights, the contemptibly familiar, obese toadies of our traitorous elites.

  8. Walrus says:

    Kilo 4/11, the Belgians were not “unarmed peasants” look up the term “Franc Tireur”. The Germans solved the little problem of patriots taking pot shots at them by enforcing : “collective responsibility” -a form of sippenhaft.
    This is what you will get, are you ready for that?
    You either fix this in the courts, comply, with the intention of voting the bastards out in a few years or ……….
    There is a small window still open.

  9. LondonBob says:

    Funny I thought judges in America loved ruling on all sorts of stuff yet they aren’t interested in something they are supposed to handle. According to Baris the majority of voters accept the election was stolen, Trump can do an Andrew Jackson, organise and come again in four years. Biden can deal with being an illegitimate President and the nasty economic consequences of the lockdowns.

  10. turcopolier says:

    “they’ve already terrorized or cowed 50% of the people with lockdowns and slave masks” An excellent point, we are being trained to obedience. I would expect to see any instance of armed resistance being met by a move toward confiscation of weapons.

  11. Fred says:

    I’m sure one of Biden’s first acts will be to do just that by executive orders. BATF is already changing definitions so as to retroactively make some varieties illegal to possess.
    This blog probably won’t last long as the left is actively suppressing all discussion of election fraud the same way they suppressed the Hunter Biden story. Shadow-banning and throttling information ranking is going to be replaced with outright bans. I expect a hate speech law/executive order in the near future, with the same SC showing it’s courage then too. “Clown world” is over and the level of intellectual and moral corruption in our institutions is plain for all to see.
    Deap, black pilling as usual. Your response to me is on the wrong thread and misquotes me. That’s a common troll tactic, as is filling a comment thread with multiple comments in a row, often of extraneous or irrelevant material. I hope you get paid well.

  12. turcopolier says:

    “I hope you get paid well” What? Who do you think pays me?

  13. Barbara Ann says:

    Walrus is 100% right, the window is still open but closing fast. Twitter has turned another censorship screw and will now not allow ‘likes’ or ‘replies’ to Trump’s tweets about election fraud. His account will surely be suspended as soon as Twitter deem it safe to do so. Trump has access to the NWEAS until he leaves office.
    You have to be willfully blind to not see what is coming. Dreams of 2024 or even 2022 presume the narrative controllers will allow any deviation from approved expression of support for the globalist agenda. I would advise to prepare for disappointment on that score.
    But Walrus’ link to Oradour-sur-Glane is absolutely appropriate, such horrors are part and parcel of conflict and everyone must make their own judgement as to which path to choose. Personally, I have considered the possibility that I may one day have an early morning knock at the door because of what I have written here, or elsewhere. I do not want my children and grandchildren to be valueless units in a Globally Reset world of technocratic oligarchy and thus consider staying silent on such matters to be impossible.

  14. turcopolier says:

    Ah! Too early in the morning. The Spanish troll group points out to me that your question is directed to “Deap.” BTW. I am not dependent on anyone’s funding.

  15. Deap says:

    Americans of late have been beaten down by an extended lack of public accountability, as much as the past few months “covid” control. Public officials did go to jail after Watergate. But that was 50 years ago.
    Man of the Year title should have been James Comey who best exemplified this current public unaccountability malaise when he refused to hold Hilary Clinton accountable for her private email server transgressions. Yet at this same time, GOP are held “guilty” for everything.
    One started sensing this unaccountability malaise in the types of blog responses that kept growing these past few months – nothing from Barr or Durham, nothing from Horowitz, nothing from DOJ, FBI and CIA was going rogue all over the place.
    And Klinesmith has yet to be sentenced as he begged for compassionate mercy for his blatant, egregious and intentional crime wrecking one man’s life and in the process the vigor of an entire administration which he deemed to be his own private playground for his own partisan agenda.
    At least one answer to this public malaise is obvious, but it appears it is now “banned” from being mentioned it again. Instead I refer you to the WSJ letter to the editor today titled “Civil Service Shouldn’t Mean Unaccountable” – signed Russ Vought, White House Budget Director. Others are catching on.

  16. Deap says:

    With all due respect Fred, no one pays me to post. However, I will consider a guaranteed annual stipend to shut up. Or permanent banishment, if that is in the best interests of our esteemed moderator.

  17. Fred says:

    No worries. I should know better than to feed the trolls, sorry.

  18. Kilo 4/11 says:

    @ Walrus 12 December 2020 at 03:19 AM
    The Francs Tireur never amounted to more than a tiny fraction of the number of armed Americans today. And if it comes to armed conflict here, we won’t do “potshots”. That is the FBI’s modus operandi, what they do to us – see Ruby Ridge.
    And at whom would these hypothetical potshots be taken? As I said, one of the fundamental differences between 1914 Belgium and now is the shock invasion of a massive foreign army. That event had many effects that are not operating in America now. It terrorized the vast majority of Belgians. It presented them with a demoralizing fait accompli, while giving immediate legitimacy and ample numbers of targets (both of which an American uprising may lack at the outset) to the few who resisted. Thus, the situation patriotic Americans face today is radically different.
    In fact, the extent and perhaps ultimately the success of an American patriotic resistance may hinge on our perception of its legitimacy, or lack thereof. If the swampists limit their gun confiscations and thoughtcrime arrests to a slow enough pace and choose their targets carefully for their physical isolation, lack of community or family support, and low social standing, they may succeed in dismantling our remaining freedoms without ever triggering a patriot reaction of the magnitude of which we are capable.
    “This is what you will get, are you ready for that?”
    You sound like someone threatening children to get them to behave themselves.
    It happens I’ve read about Oradour-Sur-Glane, from French, British, and German sources. Your insinuation that Americans could face a similar fate is even more of a stretch than your “Belgian treatment” warning.
    I’ll note here that, prior to the German attack, a German officer had been killed by the resistance there, in a barbaric fashion: he had been locked in his car, it was set alight, and he was burned to death in it. It is disputed as to how much of this was known to the troops who subsequently attacked the village. What is not disputed is that the town was a resistance hub. The French resistance was overwhelmingly Communist. These are the people who would gladly have turned all Europe over to their heroes in the Red Army, and who after the war formed communist parties all over the Continent.
    Looking at the strategic picture on 10 June, 1944, we see that the German army unit at Oradour-Sur-Glane was part of the emergency movement of forces from the south of France to the north, making a desperate bid to contain the Normandy beachhead. The Germans knew that there would be little hope of defending their homeland if they could not throw the invasion back or at least bottle the Allies up near the coast. Any delay was an existential threat. The resistance threw their village in the path of the Germans, who obviously had every reason otherwise to pass them by, and who knew that their own villages in the east were already at that very moment being savaged by the Red Army. The result was a terrible atrocity. But the official French account of it, which insists that the villagers were attacked merely “for the crime of being French”, is an atrocity against the truth.
    If, however, the evil forces behind Barmy Biden and Que Mala should hurl an infantry division at an American town or suburb, with or without something they call a provocation, that will provide all the legitimacy we need, and you can bet your yacht that the response by armed Americans will be far more widespread, organized, and lethal than that of the Belgians.

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