A Useful Summary of the State of Ufology today.

“A new report on unidentified flying objects set to be released next month shows the US government is taking aliens increasingly seriouslyByNick Allen, US EDITOR21 May 2021 • 6:11pm

After decades of doing everything possible to keep reported UFO sightings secret, the Pentagon is changing tack
After decades of doing everything possible to keep reported UFO sightings secret, the Pentagon is changing tack

Lieutenant Commander Alex Dietrich is, by her own admission, a highly rational person.

A US Navy fighter pilot who served combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, she has landed a supersonic F/A-18 jet on an aircraft carrier hundreds of times, and now teaches at the US Naval Academy.

She has also had one of the most famous close encounters with a UFO, or Unidentified Flying Object.

On November 14, 2004, Lt Cdr Dietrich was stationed off the coast of southern California on the USS Nimitz carrier, when numerous flying objects were picked up by ship radar – see the final silent clip in the video below.

The objects had descended impossibly fast, dropping a distance of 80,000ft in less than a second.

Placeholder image for youtube video: PkPn-YMp9vI

In separate planes, Lt Cdr Dietrich and Commander David Fravor were dispatched to investigate.

What they saw on that day has never been adequately explained – until now.

“Enter stage left, the Tic Tac– that’s what we affectionately refer to it as,” says Lt Cdr Dietrich, speaking publicly for the first time this week in an interview with 60 Minutes, the venerable US news programme.” The Telegraph

Comment: IMO the US public is being prepared for important releases of information on the subject of “little grey men.” The “roll out” of material as part of that preparation is impressive. Dietrich is an active duty US Navy officer now teaching at Annapolis. She would not be making highly publicized public statements on a subject like this unless her superiors approved. Among the various statements I have heard recently on the subject of the little green or grey men is one that mentions what George C. Marshall had to say on the subject. Marshall, (five star general, Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense) supposedly said that UFOs are real, that there are at least four different species of beings that inhabit them and that the riders from the stars could defeat us all easily if they wished to. Well, pilgrim turcopoles, if Marshall really said that, you can take it to the bank. He was the absolute gold standard for integrity and blunt truthfulness. pl


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  1. Bill H. says:

    All of this UFO discussion in the media also distracts from investigations into stolen elections, but that may merely be a coincidence.

  2. jld says:

    The “important releases of information” could as well be yet another IO, but for which purposes?
    There are miscreants to debunk such stories:

    • Eric Newhill says:

      There is a class of arrogant know-it-alls that build a reputation by “debunking” that which, according to them, is not “scientific” and is, rather, “irrational” – all defined by the know-it-alls.

      If one has spent any time objectively study these matters in detail, one quickly comes to the realization that the professional debunkers are thoroughly dishonest jerks. It’s a personality type.

      They always misrepresent the facts of the case by omission, distortion and fabrication to better make their “real” explanation fit. The debunkers real explanation is almost always a low probability “could have been”, but it is always presented as a “Case solved!”. If you argue the facts with these people at a deep level, thy always fall back on some kind of retort about extraordinary claims requiring extraordinary evidence, or, in other words, “that can’t be real because I am the arbiter of what is real and I say so” – which isn’t science in the least bit.

      However, for people scared of the paranormal, or too lazy to think deeply about it, the debunkers provide a valuable service; an out. UFOs (or whatever) can be hand waved away because James Randi or Mr. West says its all bunk. Now the world is a nice safe orderly place again.

      • jld says:

        “the world is a nice safe orderly place again”

        I am not on this take, I have experienced all sorts of weird things you wouldn’t believe and I am convinced that the world is much much more complicated than “Standard Science” assumes.
        However I also witnessed a lot of fakery from “authentic” shamans and such and also completely made up stories (Crop Circles…) thus UFOs is indeed a rich domain for fabulation no matter what really is behind it in some cases for which we actually know jackshit.
        For short, not all stories are fake but all “explanations” are bogus.

        • Eric Newhill says:

          Oh. I’d believe your experiences of weird things. I also believe your observation of faked things.

          How much “mainstream science” turns out to be faked? How much turns out to be wrong? Opportunities for funding, profit and fame always lead to a rich domain for confabulation.

          Anything involving humans will also involve honest error as much as treachery. That includes the “debunkers”. The trick is to sort the wheat from the chaff. The debunkers want us to think that it’s all chaff. Well, it isn’t.

          So a Mick West just knows that the “tic tac” UFO is probably a sea gull or balloon and the US Navy can’t figure that out? Come on, man.

          How are “all” explanations bogus?

          How is it bogus to conclude, the Mick Wests and their ridiculous sea gulls and balloons aside, after eliminating all other possibilities, based on an *objective* analysis of *all* of the evidence, that these things are intelligently controlled and composed of materials and technologies not available on earth – Ergo, they are beings from outer space and/or other dimensions?

          • jld says:

            “Ergo, they are beings from outer space and/or other dimensions”
            😀 😀 😀
            This is precisely what I call bogus.
            In ANY situation neither your (our) knowledge (the “theory”) nor the facts of the case are exhaustive, if something is weird there is certainly an explanation but you DON’T KNOW IT.
            There is a short story from hacker’s lore which illustrate this perfectly.
            Some day J. Random Hacker noticed that he could not login when standing up!
            Sitted login OK, standing up password rejected!
            Repeat several times, consistent results!
            An evil spell for sure! 🙂
            Being a hacker he didn’t leave it at that, and he found out.
            Some day his keyboard fell and several keys popped off, he put them back but he inadvertently swapped two of them which happened to occur in his password.
            So when sitting he touchtyped the right password but standing up he looked at the keys and thus mistyped!
            Case solved…

  3. Pat Lang says:


    This does not feel like an IO to me.

  4. PRC90 says:

    There can only be a very low probability of this being preparatory information prior to the 2022 development of a threat from suitably attired alien life forms replacing the current threat from Covid19.

    • Pat Lang says:


      What would it take to convince you that this is real?

      • PRC90 says:

        Essentially, shot down wreckage tied down on the back of a flat bed truck, and hopefully some prisoners.
        With an issue as important as this I would want to see a very high standard of proof. However, having had a number of paranormal experiences, I do not disbelieve per se in anything including the possibility of parallel civilisations or foreign outposts within the Solar System.
        Certainly, co-located radar, visual and thermal images indicate that ‘something’ is present in a particular bit of airspace, but what – the world waits for a sufficient answer.
        I’m going to learn more about George C. Marshall, he would not have been uninformed.

        • Eric Newhill says:

          Have you ever seen a coronavirus? A molecule? Gravity?

          At best, you see some effects and then take someone else’s word for what is causing them.

          I think we are going to learn that wreckage and corpses have been tied down and brought back to base more than once and over the course of many decades. Gen Marshall may very well have been briefed on all of that. A man like him would probably have wanted to personally observe the artifacts and bodies.

          As far as shooting one of them down, good luck. You first!

          • PRC90 says:

            Eric, as always, taking another’s word depends on from whom the information comes, and if anything counts against it. Basic chemistry and physics is perhaps a done deal, but the coronavirus and vaccine questions are numerous.

            UFO’s; we are a long way from anywhere and may not have too much to offer ‘others’ and may not be worth the trip. If what has been seen in the air is not the product of our civilisation then I’d suggest the owners are currently as marooned as we are within the Solar System or on this planet. Mind you, that logic may not make much sense to a silicon or ammonia-based intelligent and capable life form.

            Shooting one down ? In the videos at least, no one has called Weapons Free for a reason, which would lean towards an inference of higher level prior knowledge of their origin. The radio traffic is interesting; a bunch of fighter pilots are talking in relaxed and amused voices and certainly not getting hungry. The fact that these objects have tended to be seen around CONUS military training areas and not around US bases in foreign nations (at least in Australia), and predate China’s economic rise, would indicate a US or Russian origin.
            That’s how I would deal with the various probabilities.

            Note there are three separate factors here; UFO’s (even if owned by Boeing BDS), ‘aliens’ or non-human intelligent life who in theory could be walking around with us and as bemused as we about the lights in the sky, and thirdly the current timing of this information bubbling back to the surface, eg., in Col Lang’s media link.
            The latter is intriguing, and I’m waiting some some innocuous USAF leak, or Elon Musk, to take it up a notch in the near future – for some purpose.

  5. Mark Logan says:

    This may be the memo Marshall wrote they are referring to. To me by far the most intriguing bit of evidence within the topic of UFOs. Hard to imagine Marshall writing this without having been presented with irrefutable evidence.


  6. Mark Logan says:

    Whoops, my link directly to the PDF didn’t work. Here’s a link to the site that has it.

    It’s the first doc listed.

    • Keith Harbaugh says:

      Mark Logan: There seems to be an inconsistency.
      Simply adding a terminal ‘f’ to your first link, thus converting ‘.pd’ to ‘.pdf’, yields a valid pdf.
      However, that pdf is the SECOND pdf listed in the html file.

  7. TTG says:

    Those letters in the Majestic Documents are eye opening as long as they are authentic. It looks like there was an almost nonchalant acceptance of extraterrestrial aliens on the part of our government in the 40s and it was not until the Project Blue Book days when the government sought to assure the public that there was nothing to the sightings. What changed? Was it the overarching ideological shadow of the Cold War? Was any questioning of our status as the singular supreme beings in the universe a threat to our Cold War narrative?

    Perhaps next month’s UFO report will shed some light on these earlier sightings, including the Roswell incident. In 1997 I took part in a CENTCOM wargame at Fort Bliss. I made a pilgrimage to Roswell and the UFO museum there. I got to sit down with Glenn Dennis over a coffee at the Alien Caffeine in the museum and talk about his experiences. I was impressed with his quiet demeanor and his ability to distinguish what he remembered for certain and what could have been fogged by the years. I recently returned from over eight years as a field case officer and I assessed him as a truthful and probably reliable source. I look forward to reading what that report says about him and the Roswell incident.

    • Pat Lang says:


      I rather doubt that DIA was ever really in charge of anything like AATIP for much of anything but funding. As you know there are all kind of fancy SAPs buried deep in the basements and administered by old men who answer to few.

      • TTG says:

        My trip to Roswell and PM with Dennis was purely a personal pursuit. It had nothing to do with DIA or the CENTCOM wargame on Fort Bliss. The most out there thing I encountered at DIA was the remote viewing which was mostly defunct by the time I got there. The one thing I remember about SAPs was that they were a royal pain in the ass to administer.

        • Pat Lang says:

          If there was something like Majestic or Majestic 12 that endured perhaps from the time of Marshall’s interest in the Battle of Los Angeles it may not have been called a SAP but it was very narrowly held for a very long time. DIA, AATIP and Elizondo probably knew nothing of it. I remember one old man, an immigrant from Germany who literally lived in a cave in one of the sub-basements of the Pentagon. I also remember one program that you visited in their spaces by going through a hidden door in the back of a closet. The German ran that.

  8. BrotherJoe says:

    I think that we should be open to the possibility that these creatures, if they exist, are of demonic origin.

    • Pat Lang says:


      How about the possibility that they are just other varieties of God’s children?

  9. walrus says:

    Alien visitors in advanced spacecraft require the “big bang” theory to be discarded.

    By coincidence, an American astrophysicist, building on the works of De Sitter and Minkowski, has found the flaw in that scientific charade.

    Einstein’s equations imply that time is only a local variable, orthogonal to the three space dimensions. The first implication of that is that the universe is not expanding, no “dark matter” or “dark energy” is required to explain the cosmos.

    The second implication is that the “Impossible” speeds and accelerations of these alien craft are indeed possible…… …if you can manipulate time, which should be in theory be doable….once you understand time is a local variable.

    ‘Google Alexander Franklin Mayer and read his history of what Einstein and others failed to understand about his own equations. and their implications.

    • fanto says:

      I am glad you bring an unorthodox view into discussion. I , in my naivité, have long time ago questioned the dogma of light speed – as a constant, and the expansion of universe, which astrophysicists extrapolated backward into the big bang. Other space time questions are in my view still questionable.
      The unorthodox views are not new, even Max Planck said:
      “We have no right to assume that any laws exist or if they have existed up to now that they will continue to exist in a similar manner in the future”
      (I am quoting this from an article in Christian Science Monitor 02/15/1983)

  10. Pat Lang says:


    The latest is that it is reported from “reliable sources” that the US Navy has had submarine sonar contacts with object traveling at 500+ knots and that the navy has the data on this.

  11. Eric Newhill says:

    Your “short story from hacker’s lore” does not “illustrate this perfectly”. It is a silly overly simplified vignette that assumes I am stupid (along with many others, including the US Navy, Gen Marshall, etc.). So you are one of those Debunkers after all.

    If people went through life, as you suggest they should, never coming to conclusions and explanations, then everything would come to a stand still. On top of being a Debunker, you must also be a trust fund beneficiary or an academic. The rest of us do the best we can to understand the evidence, develop explanations and conclusions and make a plan of action based on all of that. We can’t afford to be mired in analysis paralysis. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, has feather and a bill, then it’s a duck.

    • jld says:

      “We can’t afford to be mired in analysis paralysis. “

      Go ahead, shoot them and get back to me. 🙂

  12. J says:


    While I contend that the UAP phenomenon are ‘inter dimensional’ vice extra-terrestrial based upon scriptural and native accounts worldwide, Trump breaks his silence about the upcoming Pentagon UFO report.

    IMO the Russian Orthodox Church are correct in their conclusion that the UAP are demonic in nature. Demons exist in abundance in hagiographic literature.


    • Pat Lang says:

      I understand that like a lot of Protestants you may think that the Bible is the literal word of God. As an RC I accept the notion that there is a world of spiritual beings but please explain to me why you think that alien, non-human beings are “demonic.” Scripture quotes would be appreciated.

      • J says:


        I refer to Declassified FBI documents, in particular 6751 dated 8 July 1947 that denotes UAPs are inter-dimensional not extra-terrestrial. Some of the UAPs carry ‘crews’ while others are ‘remote’. The FBI in their document contend that they are ‘peaceful’ in nature, where as IMO based on recorded accounts going back in man’s history, paints a picture they are not ‘peaceful’ in nature. The UAPs are not flesh and blood as we know it (excarnate) earthlings. They come from parallel dimensions here on earth, dimensions that we don’t see but are there nonetheless.


  13. Leith says:

    The Qanon whackjobs are claiming these videos are phony. They say the vids were cooked up by Soros et al as a planned distraction to make the public forget Trump and the contested election.

    But as far as I can tell the UAP Task Force was established under Trump’s administration. It was pushed by his DNI Ratcliffe, Deputy SecDef Norquist, and the then Chair of the Senate Intel Committee Rubio. The release of the videos and the upcoming report were planned back in mid 2020.

  14. Keith Harbaugh says:

    The prominent ufologist Lue Elizondo is embroiled in a personal controversy:


    The former Pentagon official [Lue Elizondo] who went public about reports of UFOs
    has filed a complaint with the agency’s inspector general claiming
    a coordinated campaign to discredit him for speaking out —
    including accusing a top official of threatening to tell people he was “crazy,”

  15. Keith Harbaugh says:

    Politico reveals significant aspects of how UFO theories have moved in our society, starting with Robert Bigelow and Harry Reid:


    “The quarter-century saga stretching from Harry Reid’s first attendance at one of Bigelow’s NIDS meetings to the forthcoming release of once-secret documents offers a modern case study in how marginalized ideas can make their way into the mainstream.”

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