The Entry of the Commoner Scapegoats in Wahhabeeland


"Adel should be very, very, careful.  Commoners are a dinar a dozen in Wahhabeeland and MG al-asiri may not be a big enough sacrificial camel to mollify the kuffar   Asiri looks to me to be a typical shirt-tail boy from the boondocks who joined the Royal Saudi Forces long ago looking for a steady job that did not involve sheep or goats.  The Asir Province in the SW of The Kingdom is the very definition of The Boondocks in Saudi Arabia and al-asiri is a commoner like al-jubeir."  SST 21 October2018


"Saudi prosecutors said Thursday they would seek the death penalty for five people allegedly involved in the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

The Saudi Public Prosecutor's office added that former Saudi deputy intelligence chief, Ahmed al-Assiri, ordered a mission to force Khashoggi to go back to Saudi Arabia and formed a team of 15 people.
They were divided into three groups, it said: a negotiation team, an intelligence team and a logistical team.
Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has called the Saudi Public Prosecutor's statement "unsatisfactory," reiterating a call for the culprits to be prosecuted under Turkish laws.
"They say (Khashoggi) resisted going back to their country and was killed. However, this murder was premeditated as we had announced before," Cavusoglu told reporters.
"The dismembering of the body is not an instant decision. They brought the necessary people and tools to kill him and dismember the body in advance," he added."  CNN
This is all nonsense of course. 
The only question really is whether or not Assiri will get the chop himself or if they can let him off by saying that the leading choppee will be some less useful creature.
Almost any fool can understand that in the absolute monarchy of Saudi Arabia the servants of the king would not dare to undertake such an operation without the royal assent and in this case that means the crown prince, the king being presently reduced to the kind of person who finds his lost car keys in the refrigerator.  Or, that would be true if he had ever had any car keys. 
So, what will the Donald do?  My WAG would be that Trump will avert his eyes from the obvious falsehood and accept the head choppings as sufficient explanation.  There is just too much at risk in financial "pork" available in SA for American industry for him to do anything else.  pl

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